The Dude’s back and looking to dance

A Dance with the Dude by Kris P. Kreme

A Dance with the Dude by Kris P. Kreme

First he showed up and had fun with a wealthy family of Indian heritage, then their Asian neighbors. Well he’s back uniting the nations his own special twisted kind of way.

Every mansion in one neighborhood has a Ukrainian flag at their gates to show support, except one, a luxurious home belonging to the Petrov family, Russians by heritage and private by nature.

But their private privileged lives are about to be renovated by the handyman who truly knows how to use more than his hands, a man known as the Dude. And when he shows up at their door while daughter Marina Petrov is training her ballet… no one will be unsatisfied after A Dance with the Dude.


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Some say it’s always sunny in beautiful southern California, but there may just be a cloud descending upon one wealthy neighborhood as a rickety old truck drives a lavish wooded street admiring the gated entrances to homes most could only dream of living in. The driver of that truck happens to be a local handyman, though those who’ve hired him are well area of how handy a man he can be… and all of them simply call him The Dude.

The sun is out, a breeze is blowing, and on flag poles at the entrances to so many luxurious mansions, a show of support is being shown for Ukraine, bright blue and yellow flags flying. Only one home has no such flag pole, and no such show of support, and when the Dude pulls off to check out the curled bars of custom iron making up the entrance gates to this property, he reads the name Petrov, a distinctly Russian name.

As it so happens Pavel Petrov is in fact Russian, and he and his family are highly proud of their country both new and old, a pride in keeping to themselves with their rich privileged lifestyle. Inside the mansion on this sunny day, Pavel couldn’t be prouder of his beautiful daughter Marina, currently practicing and training her ballet moves under the strict tutelage of professional Russian ballerina Anna Sokolov, her performances regaled as far as the Kremlin.

But while Pavel is clapping and cheering for his beautiful daughter, a sure-to-be future star ballerina, his son Oleg is more interested in his phone, bored to be sitting there beside his father. And Pavel’s wife Natalya is more than a little tired of not being showered with the praise Pavel clearly saves for their daughter. But when a little renovation of priorities is needed in this neighborhood… there’s only one Dude for the job and when he shows up at their door, you can just BET it’s going to be a seriously satisfying job to do.

As frustrated as Natalya is by her husband’s lack of attention and being seen more as staff around the house, she isn’t at all ready to play games when some muscular surfer looking dude shows up uninvited to their front door, but the Dude has a way with charming his way into any home, or at least he has a BETter way of working his charms.

When he bets Natalya just forgot talking to him on the phone, he’s in, and when he bets she is eager to see him at work, helping with her daughter… with discipline, the Dude is walking right into a dance he’s definitely going to lead.

While everyone might be confused at first, the Dude has a twisted imagination for collectively warping everyone around him, and you better not bet against his imagination changing this wealthy Russian home and all inside it forever.

Making up a story about being there to help instruct the beautiful blonde Marina with her strict and disciplined dancing, the Dude has Anna remembering published manifest that never existed, one called A Dance with the Dude, he has Pavel and his son Oleg both highly aroused by sitting there on the couch and watching ballet moves, no matter who they are performed by, and he has Natalya finally getting showered with more than attention.

But the best is saved for the dance floor, a new physique needed for the slender Marina Petrov. And while no amount of stretching squeezing pliés could normally change that, you better bet the Dude has ways of filling his dance partner up just right.

But how does the dance end, why is the Dude really here, and can a casually depraved silly surfer dude show support for a war-torn country all while getting his special brand of perverted fun too?

Ladies, if you take his hand, he’ll take much more and lead you all in A Dance with the Dude.


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