There is new danger in the Kosmos

Day of the Dildominator by Kris P. Kreme

Day of the Dildominator by Kris P. Kreme

When the Propagators of the planet Pluto combine forces with the Nymphos of Neptune and Sex Slugs of Saturn, Earth is in trouble.

But when their invasion party is crashed by an interstellar villain even they fear, the problems Earth faces get truly HARD.

The dominators have arrived, and deploying a weapon called the dildominator, they will take what they need, and in one case forever grow MORE than just one adult streamer’s audience.

Kaleigh is sweet but naughty, streaming herself teasing and talking dirty, never more than topless fun. But thinking the dildominator is a sex toy sent by a fan, she soon is doing a whole lot more, linked to her viewers in ways never dreamed of.


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No airlock can save readers from holding their breaths any longer… the Kreme Kosmos has returned and with it the most universally feared creatures in the known reaches of space!

Earth may seem like a rather ordinary little planet in the scope of the universe… a blue marble among infinite marbles across known space, but that doesn’t mean this marble’s problems have remained on the surface of the world we all know and depend on. A multitude of bizarre and extreme species has encountered our planet before and rarely have they left with much of an opinion or pleasant memories of the dominant species of planet Earth.

The Propagators of the planet Pluto have returned, and from the helm of their new battle cruiser, great leader Gleegle Fuzz intends to strike back once and for all against the human race. But this time they are not alone. In a rare show of solidarity, the Plutonian Propagators are meeting up at a designated point in space with none-other-than the Nymphos of Neptune and the Sex Slugs of Saturn, and together they will reign chaos upon the earth like never before known… or will they?

Just as Gleegle Fuzz and his crew are preparing for battle, a craft has been detected entering the solar system at rapid speed, heading straight for them… and it doesn’t take much scanning to determine that this new craft belongs to a species so feared none speak their name.

The invasion plans are off, the partnership dissolved as everyone flies off, desperate to avoid detection by… the dominators.

Little is known about the species other than that their name inspires fear, they come from no known planet, and their technology knows no limitations and is matched by none. The dominators are a mysterious species even on their own piercing black sleek craft, the lighting low, the shadowy figures of two dominators speaking deeply, gazing at the earth before them with their three reflective eyes. Like a plague in space, the dominators delight in chaos, waste little time on conquests and battles, merely taking what they need, what resources and attributes various species in the universe have acquired.

In orbit around earth, the dominators are scanning many useful things, most notably vast deposits of ore resources and even primitive fusion technology. But they are also looking at the dominant species on earth, a race called humanity, coming in two primary forms… male and female. And these humans are troublesome, likely to damage their own planet in panic if the dominators used more destructive weaponry. So upon researching the database known as the internet, the dominators have just the weapon in mind… one of mass distraction to keep the more aggressive males of the species busy with other things. The weapon is called the dildominator, and its purpose will become very clear soon enough.

On an ordinary day which soon will take a most extraordinary turn, Jay has been enjoying time in the local park with his very hot girlfriend Kaleigh. But it’s almost time for Kaleigh to get back to her online fans.

Kaleigh, or as she is known to the small but dedicated online audience, Kaliegh Kreme, is a sweet girl with a dirty mind. She likes to tease and talk dirty, and has only recently begun actually taking her top off provided the donations coming in demand it. And Jay is just fine with his girlfriend making her own money, using her assets, though maybe he gets a little jealous of the guys in her premium donor group, the ones who get to actually talk to her during the streams.

As cute as she is though, Kaleigh is never going to go full porn. She’s cute, petite, perky, and playful, but that is about where it ends. And while she loves to tease Jay, Jay has bigger concerns today as he finds a parking ticket on his car leaving the park.

But when Jay decides to go confront the police about the frequent tickets he keeps getting, leaving Kaleigh to do her stream in their home alone, the package she finds outside the door may unwrap a lot more than new extremes for her audience.

Assuming the rubbery purple tentacle dildo is merely a fan-gifted sex toy, Kaleigh begins her streaming session, showing it off. And naturally her fans and viewers are all for a new toy to see the hot little streamer using, even if it’s merely to touch, suck on, or maybe rub between her tits. Little do any of them know that this is no mere dildo… but a dildominator, one of many dropped across the planet from orbit.

The top donors are making plenty of comments, all excited to see Kaleigh Kreme in action, and Kaleigh is pretty worked up herself, despite none of them fessing up to just who sent her latest sex toy gift. As she reads from a card that comes with the dildominator, whoever made it claims it contains micro-wormhole technology beyond all understanding. All will be connected, pleasure linking them together, and a climax will change her body forever.

How could anyone imagine that as soon as Kaleigh begins playing with the tentacle dildo, every single man watching her will feel exactly what it feels, the touches to her body, her chest, her mouth, and more? How could Kaliegh imagine that the dildominator will manipulate her as much as she manipulates it… actually forcing her hand holding it to shove it down her throat, and just where will it shove it next?

Helpless to avoid being truly dominated by the dildominator, Kaleigh Kreme may just end up getting all the cream she can handle as every viewer becomes linked to it, and the audience begins growing faster and faster, hundred and then thousands and then more watching the obscene streaming sex play taking place, a climax truly changing Kaleigh’s petite body forever.

But what will Jay think when he gets home? Will the dildominator change him as well? And will the world be so distracted they never notice the dominators taking what they need and leaving orbit? One thing is certain… no one will soon forget the Day of the Dildominator!


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