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The 1000th Book will leave you… Mindless

Mindless - The 1000th Book by Kris P. Kreme

Detective Mandi Mind intends to solve the cold case of what happened ten years ago when fifty students, a teacher, and bus driver vanished on Route 13. The last man to see them was the enigmatic Mr. Grey and now his mansion, Grey Manor, has vanished just as mysteriously. Evidence at the site of his …

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Get ready for the 1000th Tale from the Kreme!

1000thbook - promotionalAd

More than a decade ago readers began an epic journey through the very depths of what your minds could possibly imagine when it came to all things twisted, tempting, and torrid. But prepare to go absolutely Mindless with the 1000th Tale from the Kreme! A story so mind bending, so twisted, so intertwined with everything …

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