The 1000th Book will leave you… Mindless

Mindless - The 1000th Book by Kris P. Kreme

Mindless – The 1000th Book by Kris P. Kreme

Detective Mandi Mind intends to solve the cold case of what happened ten years ago when fifty students, a teacher, and bus driver vanished on Route 13. The last man to see them was the enigmatic Mr. Grey and now his mansion, Grey Manor, has vanished just as mysteriously.

Evidence at the site of his home makes no sense. A book that was never published, a game system that never existed, products labeled with a company that isn’t real. But pulled together, all these bits of evidence, remnants of worlds Mandi Mind can’t imagine… may just pull her into those worlds.

Will she escape the madness, will she solve the case, and will she meet the man behind the fiction you are reading right now?


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Over 28,000 Words of Kreme!

One thousand books have been written, and this one book will take readers on a journey through many of them in ways they never imagined… a journey that may leave you Mindless.

Detective Mandi Mind of the Greysville PD has long earned a reputation as a woman no one messes with, a fiercely intelligent investigator who refuses to let a case go unsolved. And back when Mandi Mind was still making her way through the academy, the small town of Greysville had the most mysterious case come and go unsolved for all this time. But Mandi Mind is going to solve this case, even if it takes her places she never imagined.

Ten years ago a bus carrying fifty high school students, their chaperone teacher, and bus driver broke down on a seldom traveled rural road Route 13. All that is known about what happened to them remains a mystery to this day, but none were ever seen again. And while there was no sign of foul play, Mandi Mind is convinced it all has to do with the enigmatic Mr. Grey, a wealthy eccentric who the town of Greysville is named after, but who also happens to fall right at the center of an even bigger mystery in recent months. His home, Grey Manor, the only home within walking distance for those fifty students, their teacher, and driver… has vanished.

One day it was there, and the next Grey Manor, a palatial structure beyond even the most massive of mansions, was gone. Only the foundation remained, no evidence of anything bad happening, no signs of storms or even demolition equipment. It merely vanished, and most of Greysville PD has dismissed it as simply an eccentric billionaire going off the grid in his own unique way. Not much was ever known about Mr. Grey, not even his first name, and since he is perfectly free to take his house and go wherever he wants, the case has quickly gone cold… but Mandi Mind is convinced it has something to do with those fifty students vanishing a decade earlier.

So on a day when Detective Mind should be starting a mandatory two-week paid vacation from work, she finds herself out on Route 13, walking the very path those students did, looking around the foundation of Grey Manor, trying to find something no one else found, a break in this case.

When she begins to find seemingly unimportant and random items left in the wake of whatever happened to Grey Manor, Mandi Mind’s world may be about to expand in ways no detective can handle.

Finding the leather-bound cover of a book, she calls her friend who happens to be a librarian, but according to her friend, the book she found a piece of has never existed, never published in any form. Discovering a cleanly sliced in two chunk of what looks to be a game system, Mandi Mind finds a plate identifying the manufacturer as SINtendo of Japan, but according to another friend she calls that runs his own gaming store, there has never been a game company with that name, similar, but not that. Discovering some random pieces of household items, she sees the words Product of Trance-tory. According to her friend on the police force Jim, Trance-tory is not a real company, certainly nothing he has ever heard of. As Mandi searches the grounds, she finds even more, a receipt from a place called Donnie the Demon’s Costume Castle, a store that does not exist, even a police report from her own Greysville PD that seems to talk about some sort of demon possession that definitely never happened.

Collecting her ‘evidence’ Mandi Mind plans to finally put the pieces of this puzzle together, but as she collects a fragment of a mysterious mirror that seems to show a distorted version of herself, the somewhat warm winter weather takes a turn and a storm starts to form. Before Detective Mandi Mind can carry all her findings back to her car, lightning strikes, knocking her to the ground.

But is the world she opens her eyes to the same world she knows as reality? Her car is no longer there, the evidence has vanished, and when she finds a ride to her librarian friend’s house to try and sort all this out, she finds her and her husband about to play a video game on the very game system she had found a piece of out off Route 13. When she seeks the help of her gaming store friend, Mandi finds a man who never ran a gaming store and doesn’t know who she is, and when she meets Jim, her beat-cop friend on the force, he has more crude interests in the beautiful but fierce Detective Mandi Mind.

Just where has Mandi somehow gone, and why is she still randomly going from one twisted version of the reality she knows to another, places where impossible things happen, where companies that don’t exist have taken over, where gaming can play impossible games with people she knows, and where control is seemingly out of her hands?

Will she ultimately solve the greatest disappearance case in the history of Greysville, and meet the enigmatic Mr. Grey face to face finally… only to see who he really is? And will her mindless dedication to never letting a case remain unsolved ultimately leave Mandi Mindless for good?

Find out in the epic 1000th Tale from the Kreme that takes readers back through tens of thousands of pages and countless tales to once and for all discover where the Kreme truly comes from!


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Thanks to everyone for supporting my writing and reading my works over the past ten years. Without my readers this milestone would have never been reached and here’s to many more in the Kremey Zone.