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There’s more than one Nick at Krismas

Jolly Bold St. Nick by Kris P. Kreme

Nick became quite bold a year ago, after eating some cookies laced with a Trance-tory fertility drug. He suddenly found that his cute Santa helper assistant would do whatever he suggested. This year, his boldness will lead to an all new jolly joy in his steps as young new assistant Hayden tastes the cookies tainted …

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The Elves return to make Kris-mas extra naughty

Return of the Naughty Elves by Kris P. Kreme

Traveling hilly roads with her mom and stepdad, Alicia never expects this family Christmas gathering to change her life. Then she spots the shadowy figures darting into the road and screaming to her stepfather Rick has him barely avoiding hitting those figures. But only Alicia can see the little men and those little men reveal …

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Kris-mas has a lot of spirit to share…

Cloaked in Christmas Spirit by Kris P. Kreme

In his forty plus years, Ned has seen a lot, from the tempting older teen girls across one street to the hot young wife across another. But never has he seen anything as odd as the fact little Billy always gets what he asks Santa for. Swiping Billy’s letter this year, Ned tests a theory, …

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It’s time for Kris-mas to get Bimbo-Bombed

Bimbo Bon-Bombed by Kris P. Kreme

Laura is bitchy and frigid, but she couldn’t care less, just as she couldn’t care less about the sappy happy holidays mentality all her neighbors have. She’s smart, fierce, and above everyone she ever met, but this year she’s getting an unexpected gift, a package left on her doorstep. Opening it, Laura finds she has …

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On Kris-mas beware the Imps that grant wishes

Impmas Time by Kris P. Kreme

Twenty years ago a stumble in Santa’s Letter Sorting Room left several letters lost behind a big desk. Trying to keep the temp imps out of his way this year, Santa has them cleaning the room where that desk is… and after discovering the letters from children asking for wishes from Santa, Clyde and Seymour …

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Donnie’s taking it easy on Kris-mas

Grimmel's Gift by Kris P. Kreme

Donnie the Demon is away at a mini-pizza convention and this Christmas he has left his two best bullies in charge of the Costume Castle. Of course Donnie is still under the impression the old bullies are now buddies, but Melgrim and Grimmel only have plans to bring all new meaning to costume chaos. As …

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Go Elf Yourself on Kris-mas!

Go Elf Yourself by Kris P. Kreme

Earl the mall elf is more interested in the young moms and hotties shopping or working the mall than anything to do with kids or helping Santa. Everyone knows his arrogance and slimy habit of hitting on any woman that crosses his path. This year however, things are changing as clueless real elves see him …

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SINtendo’s back for Kris-mas!

SINtendo Companion APP by Kris P. Kreme

Surprised by his awesome if shy girlfriend Elise with an early Christmas present video game, Jim is all set to play while she leaves to go gift shopping. But when the companion app for the game is unreleased and he can’t start without it, Jim will find other things to pass the time… mostly messing …

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Kris-mas is virtually irresistible…

Cum-E-Bears by Kris P. Kreme

After hackers alter a wildly new popular technology site selling E-Bears, two college girls will never be the same. Offering virtual screen jumping minute long e-card experiences with happy little animated bears, E-Bears are revolutionary fun… at least if you’re over twenty-one. Jessica and her friend Leah are eighteen and due to the hackers, Jessica’s …

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Have a Kris-mas Konversation

Angered by her girlfriends breaking the rules of a girl’s weekend alone at a mountain lodge, Holly finds herself frustrated by the fire in the lobby. It’s there when the frigid woman finds herself drawn quickly into a spontaneous conversation with a friendly man claiming to be a psychologist. Is he digging to truths she …

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Start Wrapping Up Kris-mas

Wrap It Tight by Kris P. Kreme

Jason is an easy-going guy, much less stressed than the sales woman ringing up his purchase of a special sweater for his girlfriend Sadie. But just what is the deal with the woman’s insistence that he have the store wrap that sweater extra tight? And definitely what is up when he wraps it himself loose …

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Kris-Mas gets Popping

Pop Up Paula by Kris P. Kreme

After a hectic week during which a geeky boy declared his love and tried to kiss her, Paula now just wants to get her Christmas shopping done online without any surprises. Unfortunately surprises like she never could have imagined are just a pop-up ad away, and they are soon coming faster than she can handle, …

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Kris-mas starts with a Sleigh Ride

One Whore's Open Sleigh by Kris P. Kreme

When Scott and his much younger wife Kelly take a ride on a sleigh which glides into their gated neighborhood, the ride may just take them places they never wanted to go. Kelly has always gotten everything she wanted with a patented pouty look, but those lips may be more than pouting after this sleigh …

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Kris-mas is Koming!

The Twelve Days of Kris-mas 2016

December is here and it’s time for the Kreme’s Kris-mas to begin! New SINtendo! New Naughty Elves! New Temp Imps! New Konverations! Donnie the Demon returns! 12 new stories of the season from the Kreme! Get ready for the Twelve Days of Krismas, koming soon!