On Kris-mas beware the Imps that grant wishes

Impmas Time by Kris P. Kreme

Impmas Time by Kris P. Kreme

Twenty years ago a stumble in Santa’s Letter Sorting Room left several letters lost behind a big desk.

Trying to keep the temp imps out of his way this year, Santa has them cleaning the room where that desk is… and after discovering the letters from children asking for wishes from Santa, Clyde and Seymour are going to grant those belated wishes.

Of course twenty years has passed and once ordinary wishes by little children are now twisted and kinky when granted upon the twenty something year old adults in the real world.

Kris-mas proves it’s never too late to get everything you ever wanted… and realize it was too much.


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It was a chilly snowy blizzard of a night back in 1996 when Santa’s chief elf Fleevil was ordering Cadet Kindling to find the official Green Nice stamp which Santa used to separate the letters from good little boys and girls around the world. It was also the night when one little accidental stumble would lead to a true mess twenty years later.

Santa’s Letter Sorting Room was always a mess the closer to Christmas it got, and this year was no exception, Cadet Kindling finally locating the missing stamp in a precarious perched position way above his head. A short climb to retrieve it and some bad timing resulted in a stumble and fall which sent letters flying… and at least a few of those letters slipped hidden behind the corner of a large desk and the wall.

Now it is twenty years later, a year after The Night of the Temp Imps… when The Night as Santa calls Christmas Eve was forever ruined by a couple of bumbling temp imps who turned on the naughty with far too many humans they encountered riding with Santa on his deliveries. But this year Santa has a plan to keep temp imps Clyde and Seymour well away from any harm.

In the past couple of decades, Santa’s Letter Sorting Room has gone away, updating to modern technology, no longer stacking letters and stamping them by hand, and so the old forgotten cluttered room in a corner of the north pole has been in need of cleaning for quite some time.

Who better to clean… and to lock in the old Sorting Room, than temp imps Clyde and Seymour, the two evil little imps still baffled as to what they did wrong last year.

Unfortunately for Santa, plans never work out well when a temp imp is involved and while cleaning the old dusty Sorting Room, Clyde and Seymour move the old desk to find forgotten letters from good little children… letters never answered by Santa those many Christmases ago.

There’s nothing either temp imp would like more than to get out of the doghouse with Santa, to impress the big man with their magic and their skills and so it’s Clyde’s idea that they take this opportunity to go beyond the expectations Santa has for their cleaning job, to read the letters and answer them using their own special magic.

Sure, it has been twenty years for any of the children who wrote the letters, but as Seymour suggests, they can use their imp-adaptability in granting the wishes those unselfish good children had. It will ensure the magic adapts to give them each exactly what they wanted. Santa is sure to be impressed by that… and since they will have reached back through time to help good little children Santa overlooked, it will speak highly of the skills a temp imp brings to the table.

This year it’s not just The Night of the Temp Imps… it’s Impmas Time and for three adults in their mid to late twenties, they are about to get granted everything they once wanted and forgot about in ways they never will recover from.

Little David who just wanted girls to finally notice him will discover that being what every woman wants can quickly become too much to handle.

Little Lucy who once wrote Santa for a new baby in the family will find that there are plenty of ways of getting what she wants… by taking measures into her own hands.

And finally little Cindy who once imaginatively wrote Santa wishing to be a toy herself will discover adult toys are enjoyed in ways her young mind had never imagined.

It just wouldn’t be the ninth night of Kris-mas without nine times as naughty a time… Impmas Time.

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