It’s time for Kris-mas to get Bimbo-Bombed

Bimbo Bon-Bombed by Kris P. Kreme

Bimbo Bon-Bombed by Kris P. Kreme

Laura is bitchy and frigid, but she couldn’t care less, just as she couldn’t care less about the sappy happy holidays mentality all her neighbors have.

She’s smart, fierce, and above everyone she ever met, but this year she’s getting an unexpected gift, a package left on her doorstep.

Opening it, Laura finds she has been Bimbo Bombed, and she must face a choice to either consume every last bon-bon in the package, each one adding a new fetish to her mind, or to throw them away and in doing throw away her intelligence.

Which will she choose, and what will become of Laura this Kris-mas season?


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Laura has long been proud of the fact she’s somewhat of a soulless bitch, never caring how society saw the young intelligent brunette. People seem to think it’s wrong for an attractive brunette to be single, to be without a man in her life as she enters her thirties, as though it’s a crime she think for herself.

But then Laura has gotten quite used to dealing with frustrations herself and these days particularly there are many frustrations to deal with, and the stupid sappy seasonal nonsense lies near the top of the pile.

Laura can’t stand how stupid people can be, how immature about the holidays, wasting valuable electricity on Christmas lighting, acting all sweet and generous just to stroke their own egos. Unfortunately her neighborhood is all lit up, everyone just following along like sheep and no one smart enough or mature enough to waste her time with.

Having dealt with her neighbors more than enough times before, Laura knows everyone is well aware that if something harsh needs to be said, she will say it, never afraid to open her mouth and shout down an ignorant moron who crosses paths with her.

The only thing which might bother Laura worse than idiots is the stunts those idiots can pull… and that is the first thing Laura assumes when she sees the brightly wrapped but unmarked box on her doorstep during the Christmas season this year.

Naturally it has to be a prank of some kind, since it clearly didn’t get delivered by the mailman. Still, the bright red and green package doesn’t smell like a crude prank and so a while after getting it, Laura finds herself carefully opening the surprise gift.

Inside the box, Laura finds the oddest assortment of items, a basic white cell phone, a strange funnel, and plenty of fresh bon-bons placed in the funnel as though a part of some bizarre gift presentation.

Laura’s always one to skimp a buck and re-gift, but these are really odd items and the phone while unused is pretty bottom budget looking.

Checking the phone by pushing her thumb against the side power button, she regrets the decision instantly, sparks shooting into her thumb and the whole phone buzzing. But this phone doesn’t appear to have either burned her or malfunctioned as it instantly loaded what appeared to be a fresh text message.

According to the message Laura reads, she has been Bimbo Bombed and she new will face a difficult choice, one which may either cost her the valuable intelligence she has or her reputation… and quite possibly may have lasting effects on both.

Laura has to decide whether she will accept the gift and literally funnel all thirty-two bon-bons down her throat… each one she swallows adding a kinky fetish she will instantly obsess about to her mind. Or will she mouth off for the final time, refusing to swallow a single bon-bon and in throwing them away, throw away a bit of her intelligence with each one… permanently leaving her a bigger bimbo than anyone else she ever looked down on?

Time is ticking, the clock has started, and does Laura even have enough time to make a decision, much less follow the rules of that decision? Will the bitchy frigid woman find herself thawing and warming up to all new kinks? Will she be losing her mind in pleasure or intelligence?

Find out in the all new Kris-mas tale that proves on the tenth day of Kris-mas, there are no easy choices… only easy women.

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On the next day of Kris-mas… a Kris-mas a man has been waiting his whole life for.