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It’s time again

Tune in Today, Toon Out Tomorrow Part Two by Kris P. Kreme

In 1981, a campus nerd and his campus stud roommate changed forever. The nerd became Tuner, wielding a powerful tuning fork that can re-tune anything or anyone it touches. The hulking roommate became Donk E. Dickthruster, animated wish granting pervert. Their friendship was over as they went their ways, but the world was just beginning …

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There’s something about that tune

Tune in Today, Toon Out Tomorrow Part One by Kris P. Kreme

In 1981 campus nerd Terry Nernan and his roommate campus hunk Donald Keyes changed forever. A friendship became a battle over Donald’s sister Marcia. And the ripple effects of their fight would be felt for generations. Seeking a sound that can change the universe itself, Terry discovers the metal to form a tuning fork that …

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