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Grab a cold one to end Readers’ Choice 2016!

Bimbo Beer by Kris P. Kreme

Summer pays for law school by working at Declan’s, a low class and poorly kept bar that is always looking for cheap ways to success. The latest attempt might just be their best as it has Summer wearing the most embarrassing excuse for a bar wench costume and serving the most humiliating excuse for a …

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Therapy is a Konversation Readers!

Konversational Kounseling by Kris P. Kreme

Determined to find out what can be done about her fiancée always greeting her as a slut, whore, or bimbo, Anna visits a very skilled therapist, but does a simple conversation with this man open her eyes to possibilities she never considered? Is her fiancée the one with problems, or is Anna simply failing to …

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Watch out for Booby Traps on the ceiling Readers!

BoobyTrapped: Busting the Glass Ceiling by Kris P. Kreme

On the most important day of Madison’s career, when everything is on the table, she may end up being bent over it. She has it all, good looks, intelligence, and a supportive loving boyfriend, but Madison now has the promise of a position on the board where she works. It’s a promotion that comes with …

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June is Hot Readers!

The Heat of June by Kris P. Kreme

The only girl in a summer study abroad archaeology program, June is used to being noticed. Everyone else has noticed that Paul is uninterested in archaeology, the boy following June just to be close to her. The least respected, Paul may earn more than respect as he uncovers a rare artifact known as a Cuajingo …

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Get the picture Readers!

Selfie Sluts by Kris P. Kreme

Hanging out at Beth’s house, Beth and her two best friends, Selena and Haley, decide it’s finally time for one last selfie before graduation. They even find a new photo app that promises life altering selfies, but for these three girls, they might not know just how true a words those are. After taking the …

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SINtendo can seduce anyone Readers…

SINtendo Seductress by Kris P. Kreme

When Kevin married Amber, SINtendo turned her from good girl to bad. Since then he has ruined both her body and her mind, but long before he came along, Amber’s sister Jasmine was the slutty one in the family. Now Jasmine plans to reclaim the title, offering to house sit for Kevin and Amber. Her …

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Tests can be hard Readers…

Passing the Test by Kris P. Kreme

Alice knows the material for her classes but is always panicking over the tests. After a string of bad test grades pushes her semester average lower than she needs for her scholarship, Alice needs help. Fortunately her somewhat slutty roommate has a good suggestion, Dr. McDonnal, a hypnotherapist who helped her quit smoking. But what …

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Even Besties can be Bombed Readers!

Bimbo Bombed Besties by Kris P. Kreme

Best friends, Wila and Mona, never suspected that their friendly flirting and teasing may have pushed someone too far, but as they stand on a crowded city street looking at Mona’s phone, they will discover that revenge is best served scalding hot. They are informed that they have been Bimbo Bombed and must choose to …

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Check out the Threads Readers!

Thread Bare by Kris P. Kreme

A donation of clothing at one church is anything but normal. As the pastor explains, the clothes came from a local house that before mysteriously vanishing was plagued by rumors and dark stories. Two troublemakers in the senior youth unloading the truck vanish only to return and begin the descent into kinky chaos as they …

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Pay attention to the words Readers!

The FLICK Puppet by Kris P, Kreme

Samantha is sweet and carefree, vibrant red hair as gorgeous as her attitude and on an otherwise ordinary day she’ll discover that shopping at a place called Curious Curiosities can have curious repercussions. Finding an antique puppet, Samantha begs to buy it for her mom who is returning home soon. The old man sells it …

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Readers, are you ready to be Drained?

Brain Drain Bullhorn by Kris P. Kreme

It’s difficult dealing with an impending merger in the company, but handling her ditzy secretary can be too much. After a frustrating morning, Mary enters her office to find a package on her desk. No markings and with her secretary Elise having no clue where it came from, Mary opens it to find a Brain …

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Don’t be chicken Readers!

FusterCluck the Chicken by Kris P. Kreme

Tim and his wife Laura are exhausted, his son Sam and her daughter Beckah not any better off. Upscale neighborhood or not, none of them are living comfortably anymore. Today he is confronting his new neighbor, Billy Bob, about the damn rooster he keeps as a pet. Joined by Sam and Beckah, Tim is raging …

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Need a haircut Readers?

Just a Little off the Top by Kris P. Kreme

Sometimes a haircut can trim away everything holding a girl back. Kelly has always been so shy she rarely went anywhere or did anything. Pushed into a social dance with her roommate’s brother, Kelly finds herself at a salon where the men seem to know a lot about hair. As she watches the others in …

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Push the Button Readers

Trance-tory T&A by Kris P. Kreme

William has a wonderful family, projects to keep himself busy, and plenty of wealth. But even a rich man has needs and for his own entertainment, William has purchased the Trance-tory T&A remote which literally spices up anything on television at the push of a button. It works well, but what happens when his wife …

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