June is Hot Readers!

The Heat of June by Kris P. Kreme

The Heat of June by Kris P. Kreme

The only girl in a summer study abroad archaeology program, June is used to being noticed. Everyone else has noticed that Paul is uninterested in archaeology, the boy following June just to be close to her.

The least respected, Paul may earn more than respect as he uncovers a rare artifact known as a Cuajingo control stone, something the Cuajingo people once used to manipulate people in the month they were named for.

June Jones may soon be feeling more heat than ever comes from the sun above as the jungles come alive with her cries of manipulated passion.

Readers Choice Month goes tropical, and things get steamy.


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For many the chance to join the summer study abroad archaeology program was purely exciting from an adventure standpoint, but it didn’t take very long at all for any of the almost all guys to realize what attracted Paul Stuart to it.

June Jones isn’t just the only college girl to be studying ancient lost civilizations in South America on this study abroad program, she’s the quite blatant object of Paul’s unrequited lust.

While no one would readily admit it, June Jones is very worthy of being lusted over, a highly intelligent and gorgeous blonde with the sweetest and prettiest eyes ever, she’s a girl who can catch any man’s eye. Unfortunately for Paul, he has become the butt of everyone’s joke, having joined the program last minute on an impulse, purely to follow along and hopefully get some time with June.

Where he’s open with his longings, he has seen others casting looks, particularly Professor Max Olsen, the supposed mature leader of this student expedition who casts longing glances at all parts of June whenever he has half a chance.

Of course June is clueless about the good professor, only aware that Paul is the creepy one, focused instead on the fascination with a recently uncovered ancient Cuajingo civilization.

Their job is simple, as a group they will uncover artifacts carefully, perhaps learning a thing or two not only about archaeology but about a fairly unknown ancient group whose history is still being actively written with each turn of the soil.

The heat of the month is getting to everyone but perhaps it isn’t the heat of the month of June as much as the heat of a girl named June that will ultimately bring this summer study program to a real climax.

As Paul is half gazing longingly at June, he is as surprised as anyone to actually dig up a genuine ancient artifact, and not just any artifact but one quite powerful to the long lost Cuajingo people.

As the professor explains, after studying Paul’s discovery, this artifact relates to the belief of Cuajingo that names possessed power over an individual, especially during the month of that name.

Every Cuajingo was named in some connection to one of the months of the calendar, and during whatever month their name originated from, the Cuajingo control stone could be used to manipulate that person.

At least that was the belief, but what’s truly amazing for such a small expedition is that they have found one of those control stones, and it’s nearly perfectly preserved.

Asking June if she will polish off the stone and place it with the other artifacts in a safe place, the professor goes back to the others, but Paul has an idea. Since June is quite obviously named after the month of June, and she now has the artifact in hand, what would happen if he asked her to do something?

Has Paul just discovered the real way to earn his place among his peers in this summer study abroad program? Will June be at all of their leering lusty mercy? And just how hot will June be… and we’re not talking about the month?

Find out fittingly enough before June ends and Readers Choice Month continues.


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