Category: Easter Tales

There’s always a bad bunny

The Bad Bunny by Kris P. Kreme

Dana was a sweet wholesome church girl with a truly virtuous demeanor. After putting on what she believes is the bunny mask left by her parents for their yearly Easter photo something sinister may be possessing her with very bad intentions. What could possibly be that changes a blonde girl into a raven-haired vixen with …

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Those are special bunny ears

The Bimbo Bunny by Kris P. Kreme

When Charles returns home the week before Easter, he is greeted by the frustrations a daughter like Becca brings. Most notable is her nerdy obsession with science, her lack of girlish behavior or interests in boys. But a gag gift Charles got her may have Becca gagging on things she never imagined. The fluffy pink …

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Easter is all about the Bunnies

Easter 2023 Promotional Ad

Easter is just over the horizon and this year the Kreme offers tales of the season! Koming Soon!