There’s always a bad bunny

The Bad Bunny by Kris P. Kreme

The Bad Bunny by Kris P. Kreme

Dana was a sweet wholesome church girl with a truly virtuous demeanor. After putting on what she believes is the bunny mask left by her parents for their yearly Easter photo something sinister may be possessing her with very bad intentions.

What could possibly be that changes a blonde girl into a raven-haired vixen with as much desire as the dirtiest whore? Will sweet Dana do bad things with strangers, will she twist and reshape her cute little body, and who could have possibly done this to such an innocent soul?

This Easter, meet a dark dominant girl who knows what she wants, even if it isn’t what she ever wanted before. Say goodbye to good, and hello to The Bad Bunny.


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Dana has always been an absolute angel, the best daughter Tim and Brenda could have ever asked for. But her younger brother Andy has been the little devil of the family, always getting in trouble, frequently causing his own trouble, and constantly complaining about everything. But this Easter, a different kind of devil may get into Dana causing a twisted trouble she may never escape the consequences of.

It all begins during Easter Holy Week when Tim and Brenda are headed off to church, Brenda having to give a speech at a special church presentation. Andy is as usual being difficult and complaining, especially since his sister Dana doesn’t have to go. But as Brenda explains, Dana is reading through the Bible in preparation for speaking on Easter Sunday and needs some quiet time to do so.

Whining about the bully next door seeing him with his parents, Andy is fearing the repercussions, trying anything to get out of going to church. Dana is merely doing as she always does, reading quietly and being her wholesome sweet innocent self. The vision of a perfect angel, Dana’s sweet eyes and blonde hair are a typical feature as much as her kind voice and smile… but before her parents leave, Brenda tells Dana that while they are gone she should be sure and put on the Easter surprise her father left on her bed.

It’s after everyone has left that Dana finds that surprise, and while the partial bunny mask with big ears might be somewhat fittingly quirky and cute, she does wonder why the one they gave her is all black. For years her family has always made funny Easter family photos, one year each dressing up as Easter eggs, another all wearing different pastel colors. Dana can only assume this year they’ll each be wearing different color bunny masks… but why would her parents give her a black one?

It definitely seems dark and ominous, the very opposite of anything Dana ever wears, but still, Daddy’s ideas have always turned out fun in the past. So putting on the black partial mask and bunny ears, Dana chuckles, thinking she sorta looks like a cat burglar, or bunny burglar at least.

And then… something horrible happens.

Looking at herself in the mirror with the mask on, her beautiful blonde hair seems to be turning black before her eyes. As though dye is bleeding out from under the tight latex bunny mask, Dana is horrified and frightened, especially since she can’t seem to pull the mask off of her head.

Terrified, the good girl Dana has always been seems to be changing, from the suddenly sinister look in her eyes to the dark crimson of her lips, everything about her seems to be changing to something dark, dominant, and very wrong.

When the changes she is witnessing continue right into her clothing, her once cheery outfit becoming just as dark and somewhat depraved, Dana is questioning more than her sanity… but everything ends when the changes do. And a very different Dana emerges from her room.

The mask has made Dana a very bad version of herself, and the bad bunny she has become takes very aggressive enjoyment in her tight little virgin body, though longs for a few improvements and enhancements to that body.

Will Dana do bad bad things with a man who happens to stop by advertising his landscaping services? Will she find a truly twisted way of enhancing her body with the help of horny guys, even the bully next door? And did the bunny mask really come from her parents, who is behind her descent into a bad bunny madness she may never fully escape?

Easter gets dark and dominant, and Dana goes from a good girl to The Bad Bunny.


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