Those are special bunny ears

The Bimbo Bunny by Kris P. Kreme

The Bimbo Bunny by Kris P. Kreme

When Charles returns home the week before Easter, he is greeted by the frustrations a daughter like Becca brings. Most notable is her nerdy obsession with science, her lack of girlish behavior or interests in boys.

But a gag gift Charles got her may have Becca gagging on things she never imagined. The fluffy pink bunny ears look silly and when he leaves Becca decides to get back at him by pretending to be the kind of bimbo who would wear such bunny ears.

But is her flirty dressed up behavior more than just an act? Is Becca taking things too far and doing things she’d normally never do? Could the bunny ears be draining her intelligence as she yearns to be filled with something else?

But will Anna’s desperate attempt to stop them from acting on their desires right in front of her end up corrupting her own mind and body in the process?


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When Charles Reilly gets home from a business trip, he’s faced with frustration at the sight of his daughter Becca’s car parked where he can’t get into the garage. But little do he or Becca know that Charles carries with him a gift that will leave them both discovering all new frustrations.

Becca, or Rebecca as she suddenly insists he calls her, has always been an odd daughter, not remotely girly or feminine behaving even though she is certainly attractive. Preferring books to boys and studies to parties, Becca was never a daughter to worry about having a boy in her room. But Charles sometimes almost wishes he’d catch her with a guy behind her door instead of with her nose buried in a heavy college textbook, looking as though she cares more about calculations and numbers than looking pretty.

That is exactly the reason that Charles brought home a pre-Easter gag gift he just knows will drive Becca crazy… but maybe he doesn’t know just how mind-numbing her frustration at the gift will truly be.

With her hands too full of books to do anything, Charles surprises Becca by slipping the surprisingly tight and extremely girlish pink fuzzy bunny ears on her head before leaving to go catch up with his buddies at a local bar. He knows how annoyed a brainy science nerd like Becca will be at looking silly with those bunny ears on, and it is made better when he finds out her car won’t start and he decides to ask their neighbor Ryan to take a look at her car in exchange for Becca talking to his son Max who is doing poor in his senior year of high school.

Annoyed at her father, Becca knows exactly why her father is pushing for her to get involved in even talking to a slacker like Max. He may be eighteen and five years younger than her, but he’s a normal guy with normal interests in girls and she knows her father wishes she had what he calls normal interests in guys, even young idiots like Max.

But after Charles is gone to meet up with his friends, Becca takes a look at herself with the stupid pink fuzzy bunny ears on and gets a rather devious idea, a way to play as much a joke on her father as he played on her.

As Becca reasons and rationalizes, the only young women her age who wear anything like these bunny ears are doing it for all the wrong reasons, like dancers and strippers. And those women clearly can’t be considered very intelligent, considering their choices. Nobody would ask one of those women to tutor or talk to a delinquent like Max. So it stands to reason that when Ryan comes by to look at her car and bring his son, he’d see her with silly bunny ears on and never ask her to tutor again. And her dad would also never buy her something so ridiculous either after seeing what she did, and Becca has just the idea in mind to really sell the dumb look these pink bunny ears give her.

Taking a break from her studies, Becca looks through all her clothing, finding some old clothing that seems perfectly suited to pull off the stereotype these bunny ears seem made for. Finding an old pink skirt and an achingly tight light blue tank top she hasn’t worn in years, Becca can’t believe how fitting the silly look comes together.

But when Becca stops to think what a completely mindless silly bimbo would do to further the look the bunny ears have her going for, something comes to mind she might ordinarily realize should never come to mind. Happy silly bimbos with pink fuzzy bunny ears would never bother with a bra… and would they bother with panties either, she wonders? She definitely knows the dumb sluts who wear bunny ears at her age wouldn’t and so Becca is truly embracing the inner bimbo the bunny ears have unleashed.

But is all of this elaborate scheming to get back at her father by embracing the look her idea… or are these bunny ears doing something to her mind?

When Ryan stops by with his son Max, both of them are definitely confused by her look, by the played up pitch of her voice, by her giggling and acted out flirty behavior. But Becca is finding it remarkably easy to pretend… or is she even pretending at this point?

Meanwhile at the local bar, Charles is cutting up and kidding around with his soon drunken buddies, talking about the gag gift for Becca, the alcohol loosening his buddies’ tongues as they think about cute coed Becca in bunny ears.

But is there more to the story the guy near the airport who sold them to him gave, more to the claims that the bunny ears are intentionally tight to reshape the thoughts of who wears them?

Is it possible Becca’s scheme to play bimbo isn’t a scheme at all, and will her pretending take things a lot further than her once intelligent rational mind could have imagined? Only one thing is certain. This Easter, Becca may be giving everyone a Happy Humpy good time.


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