Category: House of Xadr

Be careful what you wish for at Hallowkreme

Xadr's Invaders by Kris P. Kreme

When Anna talks her boyfriend into going along as she breaks into the big fancy home at the end of the street on Halloween, Nathan never suspects that this home houses a being of unthinkable power. Intending to find an antique trinket to steal and take with them, Anna may ultimately end up becoming the …

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There’s more to a Haunted House on HallowKreme

Trick or Xadr by Kris P. Kreme

Becca grew up with Dee and Chad, guys who got a lot more annoying after redheaded Becca got curvy. This year Becca has a plan to both end them being perverts and find out more about the spooky house in their neighborhood. She offers a wager. If she trick or treats at the reportedly evil …

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Visit the HalloKreme Haunted House… If you dare.

The House of Xadr by Kris P. Kreme

John Dunne pays more than realty costs when moving his family across country. A private home, thick with surrounding trees, rising high above, quite custom and amazingly affordable, no one in the Dunne family will ever forget this home. Unfortunately the house is already occupied by a malevolent force of unending depravity. Xadr has slumbered …

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