Oct 07 2014

Visit the HalloKreme Haunted House… If you dare.

The House of Xadr by Kris P. Kreme

The House of Xadr by Kris P. Kreme

John Dunne pays more than realty costs when moving his family across country.

A private home, thick with surrounding trees, rising high above, quite custom and amazingly affordable, no one in the Dunne family will ever forget this home.

Unfortunately the house is already occupied by a malevolent force of unending depravity. Xadr has slumbered far too many years, and he wakes with an appetite.

John, Bianca, and Emily needed a home. The House of Xadr is more than they ever would have ‘wished’ for.

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Over 23.000 frightening words!

John Dunne has always had a strong drive to provide for his family, working hard to ensure his lovely wife Bianca and their nineteen year old daughter Emily live comfortably and safely. His latest job advancement has challenged him more than he may ever know, the move across country soon to send all three of the Dunne family spiraling out of control.

Finding a perfect home has been a challenge and John thankfully has had an exceptionally helpful young realtor named Joselyn to lead the hunt. It isn’t until she shows him a remote large home surrounded by forest that he starts to feel this move might work out.

Bank owned during a large land purchase, the home is available for a fast below value sale, a true deal no one can refuse. John falls in love with the house just as he knows his wife and daughter will, but what John never could suspect is that this house is not at all what it seems.

This is the House of Xadr, a creature like no other, a dark being born of both fire and earth. Xadr is the only of his kind, both djinn and incubus. This demon must grant wishes to feed, but the wishes will never be anything but pathways to lust, to all new depravity, to corruption the Dunne family has never imagined.

The home is more than a mere structure for Xadr. As the Dunne family moves in, just a matter of some spoken words read by John’s wife and daughter begin Xadr’s awakening and soon he will be ready to feed. A djinncubus grants wishes, but possesses the rare and deadly ability to grant their own wishes as well, each one only making them stronger.

Can John discover the secret to saving his family from much more than just Xadr’s hands? Will the family descend into depraved wish-fulfilled madness? Purchasing a house at a price too good to believe can sometimes mean the true price of the purchase is your very soul.

Closing costs and insurance are the least of one’s worries when they find themselves moving into The House of Xadr.


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