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There’s something wrong with the Trance-lations

Trance-lations in TITillating Terror by Kris P. Kreme

Brad wanted to get along with his son Gray. Winning a prize package including travel to Asian countries and the chance to try Trance-tory Trance-lators, their relationship soon trance-lated into a shared lust for Asian women. College came with big changes, but not as big as the changes Brad and Gray caused everyone they spoke …

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You can get lost in the Translation

Trance-tory Trance-lations by Kris P. Kreme

Brad always wanted a common interest with his teenage son Gray. When Gray won a trip that let them both test a powerful new technology, they found a lust for talking Asian women out of more than just their clothing. The Trance-tory Trance-lator worked in the language processing center of the brain; when worn it …

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Please pay attention to the Translation

Trance-tory Trance-Lator by Kris P. Kreme

Trying to bond with his eighteen year old son Gray, Brad takes him to the new Trance-tory Tech-n-Toys in their town. When his son happens to be the one-thousandth customer through the door, resulting in both of them winning a one-week trip through six Asian countries, they’ll get more bonding than they ever counted on. …

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