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Jan 06 2019

Beware of a Kustom Wish from Santa after Krismas is over…

While running a truly tight ship, news station manager Angel Yew has quickly earned a reputation as a cold heartless bitch. But an after Christmas before New Years party may just thaw her out more than she can handle thanks to the magic of Santa. Flying over on a test flight, Santa fires a rude …

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Aug 18 2018

Get Social with SINtendo

Buddies Hank and Reese make an impulsive plan using a new Social Stats App that Reese is linked to by an online gaming buddy. The App promises to use AI to alter any photo to fit whatever heading or status caption they apply to it. Figuring to spice up Hank’s date night with Stefanie, they …

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Aug 08 2018

It’s time for a Kustom Wish

Greg’s dad is a smart guy, the curator for a locally based traveling museum on world cultures. Of course Greg thinks the smartest move he made was marrying Courtney in recent years, a cute, shy, Asian Fascinated by Courtney, Greg is a homebody, spending his college summers around the house with nothing to occupy himself …

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Jun 14 2018

It’s time for Darwin to lay more than the law

Darwin Darius had wealth and power, yet a woman never fell for him. He did his best to manage the anger at failing in the game of love, until finally he accepted a better game… lust. Darwin’s temper was never anything but short, and that temper created long repercussions. Possessing a unique talent for mental …

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Feb 25 2018

Get another view of SIntendo

Casey played and won SINtendo Best of Breed 2: Pregnant Pauses. As a reward he chose the coed girlfriend of his older brother. He didn’t choose the others he’d played with as pawns during the game who’ve since shown up to practically worship him. After his mother runs off to find answers and never returns, …

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Feb 24 2018

The Law is Darwin’s

When Darwin Darius meets an attractive woman, he can fall head over heels… but then a rich middle-aged man can’t change an often selfish arrogant woman’s mindset with wealth alone. His lack of success with women has led to plenty of frustration and pent up anger… anger Darwin has to work hard to manage. What …

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Feb 13 2018

The Vex Dolls are back

Malerie and Valerie were innocent girls, sisters seeking to join a greater sisterhood in the Omega house. That was three years ago for the twins, years they have suffered and enjoyed the changes that sorority house put their bodies through. It seems Omega house has been run by a twisted threesome of witches for many …

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Feb 08 2018

It’s been a long time since you’ve been Thirsty

The town of Victoria has hidden a mystery for centuries, one locked tight within the shadows of the Dark Forest. Stephanie has ventured to the town for her first live-in maid position, a beautiful young woman named Vicky wanting help keeping the farmhouse clean as she tends to her milk cows in a barn Stephanie …

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Jul 29 2017

SINtendo is a learning experience…

Haley usually handles challenges on her own, a young teacher who handles high school boys with ease in the classroom. Unfortunately having taught the summer history class to help failing students stay on track, she faces problems no teacher is ready for. Five football players have failed and ethically she should bar them playing this …

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Jul 08 2017

Sometimes you can’t help losing control…

Darwin Darius is a man with everything but a woman… and can’t control his temper long enough to get one. Focused, sober, Darwin is out on the town seeking a friendly Asian woman, assuming dignity and respect will be inherent in them. Unfortunately for him, Aki is too focused on practicing her dart game, and …

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May 23 2017

Donnie and Desda return with… pizza.

Things literally goes to hell for a theme party Donnie the dimwitted demon is throwing, and it all starts as soon as his ex Desda comes strolling through the door to his home uninvited. Bringing a special party gift in the form of exotic mini-pizzas, Desda soon has Donnie in the kitchen while she tends …

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May 17 2017

It’s time to get a little… Kinky.

Cliff and Laura have like so many couples let themselves go. A comfortable marriage with kids in college means life is getting easier, as far as Cliff is concerned, but Laura runs the show and when she chooses for them to join a fancy local gym, life takes a truly twisted turn. Winning a prize …

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May 11 2017

Come visit the Shack

A family trip to the coast to spend some time fishing from an old pier takes a terribly twisted turn when they discover The Seamen Shack, a deceptively quaint rustic restaurant where the women offer a lot more than is on the menu. Joseph Chapman and his wife Eva, along with their two college kids …

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Mar 27 2017

Some people are a bear to change

When Mike surprises his rather frigid yet gorgeous girlfriend in Australia, she proves unsurprising in how cruel she is, accepting his gifts and barely agreeing to find time away from her Uni studies to see him throughout the week. Grace has always been a real animal, but something in those gifts will turn her two …

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Mar 10 2017

Get cheered up with a Booby Trap!

Over 14,000 Words of Kreme! Chloe is the girl with everything to lose, but she’s only gaining in this twisted tale. A friend to all, cheerful and kind, Chloe is loving her first year in college. She’s studying well, making friends, and is one of the biggest talents of the cheerleading squad. However someone may …

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