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May 28 2020

It’s a Full Fertile Feast

The complete Fertile Feasts Collection, over 33,000 Words of Kreme! One of the most popular series by the Kreme, now in a single volume! Discover what secrets brought about the Fertile Feasts and the strange town connected to each and every one of them! Chapter One: On Cam Cammie: Fertile Feasts have been unleashed upon …

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Nov 24 2016

Feasting on Thanksgiving

Jake once fully respected his girlfriend Cammie, until a web cam created dominance like never before and using her became much more fun. Sam once lusted after earning the pleasure of his strong willed girlfriend Sela, but after striking the right chord on a very special amp, he now just lusts after packing her full …

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Nov 22 2016

Feast on a hot cheer… leader.

All senior cheerleaders are to perform a special cheer for a selected player at the homecoming game; Dana Sellers is the only one smart enough to figure a way around the frigid chills in the weather. Hunting down solutions online, she stumbles across a warming skin cream promising to heat her up and allow the …

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Nov 19 2016

The Feasts get a little touchy

Sam had more passion than talent, until the online ad for a free guitar amp. Promising reviews and feedback, he gets the ultimate rock star equipment. Skeptical as she is stubborn, his girlfriend Sela changes her tune when listening to his. Losing her mind with pleasure, she goes past groupie into gropie, fondling herself more …

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Nov 15 2016

It’s time for a Feast in November

There are feasts and then there are Fertile Feasts, the kinds no one expects which take their mouth far beyond watering. Jake was quick to snatch up the online offer of a free webcam, one he could use to actually see and hear his sweet girlfriend still in her senior year back home as he …

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