Nov 19 2016

The Feasts get a little touchy

Fertile Feasts: Gropies by Kris P. Kreme

Fertile Feasts: Gropies by Kris P. Kreme

Sam had more passion than talent, until the online ad for a free guitar amp.

Promising reviews and feedback, he gets the ultimate rock star equipment. Skeptical as she is stubborn, his girlfriend Sela changes her tune when listening to his.

Losing her mind with pleasure, she goes past groupie into gropie, fondling herself more and more.

Confused, turned on, Sam sees his music filling Sela with more than just desires, her top tighter as his playing continues.

Where did this amp come from, and where will it lead Sam and Sela? Find out as another serving of the Fertile Feasts continue into a Thanksgiving like no other.


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Every November means many things to many parts of the world, but to those in America it means a time of changing seasons, crisp cool weather, and the promise of a Thanksgiving feast at the end of the month. This year, however, all new kinds of feasts are being unleashed for a very specific goal, one that may just lead to the most shocking revelation of all.

Sam was always dedicated to his music, even if most would agree that music wasn’t so dedicated to him. Despite being called tone deaf, Sam would never give up the passion, but after he lucked onto a free guitar amp with only the promise to provide feedback and answer questions about his experience with it, Sam may just find that the passion is contagious.

Living in a cheap apartment with his girlfriend, Sela, Sam easily saw her as the proof that he was bound to have luck in achieving his dreams since anyone lucky enough to get a cute redhead like Sela in their lives definitely had to go somewhere. He never could have guessed that ultimately where he’d eventually end up would be a place no one came back from, not that they wanted to leave.

The only thing about Sela was that she definitely didn’t take Sam’s passion for playing guitar seriously, generally doing well to just put up with his attempts at being the next true rock star, and if there was one thing about Sela, she spoke and made clear her intentions or rather lack thereof many times.

So she wasn’t the most passionate girlfriend, Sam thought, as what musician ever achieved a real legacy by having everything they wanted in the first place. Sex with Sela would come, as would the freedom to call her baby or whatever pet names he wanted, just as soon as he had a chart topping song and the fame and respect rolled in from the music world.

Of course dreams were just that, dreams, and it took a bit of actual work to make them come true, which is why Sam had been seeking sites online to upload his latest demo. By some lucky twist of fate, a popup ad for a free trial of a new guitar amplifier appeared. The ad offered a brand new amplifier, even free shipping, all with only the promise he would give a review and be open to receiving future communications about it.

Strong willed Sela still doesn’t buy it, even if she naturally knows Sam never would have had the money to just go purchase it. Living in the rather crappy apartment proves that neither is exactly all that well off lately, otherwise there’s no way they’d live with paper thin walls and floors and a downstairs neighbor who liked to shout at them whenever they made even the slightest noise.

Assuring his girlfriend that she’ll see how epic he sounds once he’s plugged in and playing like the real professionals, Sam jokingly calls the muse for his music his future first groupie, but when he strikes a chord and launches into one of his random guitar riffs, he’ll discover that this new amp is definitely no joke.

For whatever reason anything he plays through it sounds nothing short of awesome to Sela, so awesome in fact she feels literal pleasure from the vibrations and reverberations of the amped up guitar.

Confused but certainly not one to deny a fan request, particularly a moaning writhing self fondling request from his girlfriend to keep playing, Sam keeps right on playing and that is when he notices more than just the simple fact Sela can’t seem to keep her hands off herself each time he strums the guitar.

Sela has always been sexy as hell, but she’s never been an exhibitionist, and definitely never had quite the top heavy form to show off like she seems to be getting the more he plays, the louder he plays.

He always heard it said that a rock star could drop a woman’s panties if they played the right song, but never had he imagined he could play in a way that popped a woman’s top… literally. Lost in the seeming magic of music, Sam almost forgets entirely about that pissed off neighbor downstairs, the loud amplified guitar riffs definitely not pacifying him the same way they do Sela.

Just what is the mystery behind this incredible guitar amp; will Sela go from strong willed to submissive in just one performance? And what will Sam ultimately do to calm the situation when his angry neighbor hammers on the door?

Find out in the tale that only begins with a hard rock case of the Gropies, and leads somewhere everyone will give thanks for this month.


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