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Oct 18 2019

Some Hallowkreme treats can put you in a Trance

Single mother and company woman Lilly has finally gotten the promotion to senior associate with her work, so this year she’s hosting the company Halloween party and there’s no detail overlooked. Only one of the details may just end up changing her position with the company and her co-workers for good after she orders and …

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Jul 22 2019

Just follow the manual Readers

Trance-tory products are known for many things, but as Lauren has discovered, being easy to set up is not one of them. On the phone, Lauren is waiting to be guided through a tutorial to get the Harmonizer she purchased on a whim to work. The Harmonizer promises to use the already present electronic distortions …

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Jul 14 2019

It takes only three little words

Tony’s new job coding at a data consulting firm seems like a dream, but it may quickly become a nightmare after meeting his new bosses on his first day there. Oaker and Pines are two rather friendly odd men, but when they express appreciation at anything they’d suggest, Tony finds himself helpless to do it, …

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May 04 2019

The Smell of Success changes everyone

Jason always wanted to be a success. Unfortunately he finds himself out of work, soon to be out of a marriage due to his corporate wife’s anger and teenage daughter’s disrespect. From having everything to feeling like he has nothing, Jason is frustrated by more than just a lack of job prospects. But when a …

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Dec 06 2018

There’s something about that clock

At first glance Andy might be the envy of most boyfriends out there, his girlfriend Kaya a hot busty Asian. Yet appearances can be deceiving as Kaya is a virginal good girl who even insists on separate bedrooms living together with him. But more than just appearances will be deceiving when Andy blurts out that …

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Sep 01 2016

Things will never be the same. Trance-tory meets SINtendo.

A SINtendo/Trance-tory Takeover Crossover! For Morti it’s a dream come true. In exchange for help with studies and tests, the hottest yet most innocent cheerleader in school, Taylor Kline, agreed to pose for some costumed pictures. A rare vintage game offers the perfect costume, SINtendo roBABE, a costume based game with micro-circuitry woven into the …

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Aug 29 2016

No talk show is as Trance-tory as this one is

There’s much more than talk on the all new Trance-tory Talk Show. Unfortunately brand new fresh from college Beth has no idea she might be getting all the action this talk show has to offer. From the clothing they have her wear to the makeup applied before hitting the stage, Beth will be doing much …

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Aug 26 2016

Trance-tory is simply shocking…

Walter and Jennifer haven’t been married all that long, but that doesn’t mean Walter is a content man… not when Poopykins runs the house. A tiny terrier terror, Poopykins is Jennifer’s precious baby of a dog, and to Walter the menace is little more than an annoying bitch, quite literally. However, when Walter comes home …

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Aug 23 2016

There’s nothing dim about a Trance-tory Takeover

CEO of Tech Co. Charles has everything to celebrate, having recently acquired all new contracts and seeing his company rise to the top of its industry. However, his secretary Deena who might not be at the top of any IQ tests may have made a very serious mistake in allowing some new energy saving LED …

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Aug 19 2016

Get wet with a Trance-tory Takeover

All Marilyn wanted was a fun night out with her boyfriend, Wes. Unfortunately he messes up those plans by impulsively stopping at T-mart on the way home, buying several price reduced Trance-tory products. Insisting they can still make it a memorable night, Wes talks Marilyn into taking the new hose sprayer outside to water the …

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Aug 16 2016

Trance-tory’s taste is unforgettable

Trance-tory takes over the Tech industry with the latest of debug services for phone app bots. Unfortunately Paula, the fittest woman in the gym, fails to take the warnings of an invasive Spermbot seriously and she may just end up paying a thirsty price. When her Fitness Form app informs her of a malicious Spermbot …

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Aug 13 2016

The Takeover begins with a Pop-out Book

Working at a discount bookstore, Amelia is in her element. A shy bookish but cute girl, Amelia has no idea that the latest arrival for the special bargains table may make a bargain out of her. The Pop-out Book is an error printing delivery to the store, meaning there were errors making the book so …

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Aug 12 2016

August is Trance-tory Takeover Month

With the final part of Trance-tory appearing on Bimbo Story Club this month, it’s time for a Trance-tory Takeover for the rest of August! Seven new Trance-tory tales but there’s more! For the first time, a crossover between Trance-tory and SINtendo! So watch out readers! It’s Trance-tory time!