Nov 15 2016

It’s time for a Feast in November

Fertile Feasts: On Cam Cammie by Kris P. Kreme

Fertile Feasts: On Cam Cammie by Kris P. Kreme

There are feasts and then there are Fertile Feasts, the kinds no one expects which take their mouth far beyond watering.

Jake was quick to snatch up the online offer of a free webcam, one he could use to actually see and hear his sweet girlfriend still in her senior year back home as he is stuck at college.

But just what is the way his voice sounds over webcam doing to sweet innocent Cammie, and is there anything she won’t do just to keep on hearing him speak?


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Every November means many things to many parts of the world, but to those in America it means a time of changing seasons, crisp cool weather, and the promise of a Thanksgiving feast at the end of the month. This year, however, all new kinds of feasts are being unleashed for a very specific goal, one that may just lead to the most shocking revelation of all.

Jake had been with his girlfriend for nearly three full years when he graduated and found himself away at college while she finished her senior year in their high school. They were always the most dedicated and true of couples, chatting constantly, talking on the phone always, but when November came, so did an all new opportunity for Jake to really spend more quality time with his girlfriend, Cammie. Unfortunately for them, neither had a clue just what sort of quality this time together would have forever on them.

A college guy never has much more money than for pizza, so Jake was thrilled when he was browsing online and found an ad promoting a totally free webcam, completely his to try as long as he provided feedback and would be open to receiving messages pertaining to how he enjoyed it.

Naturally, missing a sweet and gorgeous girl like Cammie constantly, Jake was willing to take the chance of being conned if it meant he could not only hear her lovely voice but look into those beautiful eyes while speaking, just a step closer to actually being there in person.

When the Friday came and Jake had the webcam all connected and ready to go, nothing could excite him more than the first time Cammie connected and he could finally see her again. It was a natural given that he’d been missing her, but as most boys his age he’d also been lusting after just the thought of seeing her live and not merely in the photos he kept on his computer.

Cammie is thrilled as well, but as they begin to talk over webcam, Jake definitely notices something odd about the way she says he sounds. Cammie is usually not quite so eager to hear him talk, content to just gab away and enjoy their time together. Tonight though something in the way Jake’s voice sounds filtered through the webcam, something in the subtle distortion, something is making him just sound so… dominant.

Everything Jake says is fascinating, and truly sexy to listen to, and sweet somewhat reserved Cammie is quickly finding herself eager to do whatever he says if it means he’ll keep right on talking.

Unsure what is up with his girlfriend, Jake is only kidding around, but imagine his surprise when a subtle suggestion has Cammie stripping the bulky sleep shirt off so he can fully see his hot girlfriend in just her bra and panties. Imagine his further surprise when the girl who has always been loving is downright lusty, calling him sir, and eagerly enjoying the attention as he openly jacks off to her over webcam.

It’s a bit much to even figure out at the end of the night, and Jake just lets her know he might be on around midday the next day in case she is around. For whatever reason, by whatever fascination the distorted sound of his masculine voice creates, Cammie is quick to assure Jake she will drop all plans and be wherever he wants whenever he wants it.

Could it all just be a fluke the first night using the webcam? Jake isn’t sure until the next day reveals that Cammie is definitely not playing, pretending, or lightening up in her desire to be dominated by such a voice over webcam.

Will Jake take things too far, or is there even such thing as too far when you have a hot teen girl willing to do whatever you say with whoever you say? Someone is behind the power this webcam has brought into Jake and Cammie’s life, and someone may just be letting them enjoy the appetizers to an eventual Thanksgiving feast like no other, one that will truly change this world no matter what part of it you’re in.


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