Nov 22 2016

Feast on a hot cheer… leader.

Fertile Feasts: Cheery Chills

Fertile Feasts: Cheery Chills

All senior cheerleaders are to perform a special cheer for a selected player at the homecoming game; Dana Sellers is the only one smart enough to figure a way around the frigid chills in the weather.

Hunting down solutions online, she stumbles across a warming skin cream promising to heat her up and allow the regular flesh baring cheer outfit the others can’t wear.

Unfortunately for her and fortunately for every man in town it seems, Dana’s heating up on the inside as much as the outside and soon she definitely won’t be as smart as she once was.

Fertile Feasts provides chills and then serves up extra hot.


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Every November means many things to many parts of the world, but to those in America it means a time of changing seasons, crisp cool weather, and the promise of a Thanksgiving feast at the end of the month. This year, however, all new kinds of feasts are being unleashed for a very specific goal, one that may just lead to the most shocking revelation of all.

Dana Sellers has approached the crisp cold weather and the limitations such weather puts on her cheerleading with a sharp young mind few can match. Anyone in her high school, even the other three senior cheerleaders, would tell you that Dana is not the average student.

Taking cheerleading as an extra-curricular activity which both looks good on college applications and provides beneficial opportunities to serve the community, Dana may just find her latest brainy idea has her serving in ways she never did before.

The homecoming football game is coming up this weekend and each senior cheerleader has been assigned a senior football player on the team to honor with a special cheer when his name is called at halftime during the big game. It’s a little friendly competition to see who can inspire their player the most, put the best into whatever custom cheer they come up with.

Unfortunately the sudden freezing weather means they all are having to wear thermals beneath their cheerleading outfits, ones specially given to each with the number of their assigned player emblazoned in red on the front.

Only Dana Sellers could be genius enough to figure a way around such a movement restricting limitation, and naturally Dana has lucked into being assigned the star quarterback, Trey Mathers.

After hours of online research, Dana was lucky enough to actually have a product find her, an online ad appearing which offered her a totally free trial of a new warming cream, one that when spread over all exposed skin was guaranteed to prevent any chills.

Sure there was the promise of providing important feedback later, but Dana would have agreed to anything just to save having to actually spend any money for Trey Mathers, who as quarterbacks go was talented, but as guys go was generally working on being as big a sexist jerk as his father, the once great player Bill Mathers.

Nearly every game Bill Mathers is leering like a creep at all the cheerleaders, but Dana knows that this game will only have the spotlight on her, for more reasons than one as she is making a personal cheer for his son.

On the day of the big game, as the other girls get dressed to practice, Dana has to spend a bit more time in the locker room applying the special cream, but as she does, the warmth it spreads tingling throughout her flesh more than she ever would have expected.

Alone in the room, fingers rubbing the gooey stuff across her bare skin, Dana is feeling much more than just warm, her body actually lurching and shaking a bit in just how much pleasure the feelings tingling through her create. It isn’t until she literally crashes in a most unexpected orgasm from merely applying the cream that Dana begins to freak out.

It seems the cream doesn’t just warm the exterior, her interior burning like never before, and for whatever reason, Dana slowly gives in and begins a self pleasuring like never before, practically banging her own brains out writhing against her fist on the floor of the locker room.

When the most unusual banging sounds coming from the almost empty room attract the attention of a passing teacher, Dana’s once intelligence image is quickly ruined as she nearly assaults the poor man, demanding sex like only the dumbest cheerleader ever.

For her favorite math teacher, this just doesn’t add up… but Dana is no longer interested in adding anything, except his thrusting to her body.

By the game, most of the other cheerleaders are wondering where Dana had vanished to earlier in the day, but Dana is there and ready to give her warming cheer for Trey Mathers, a cheer that will definitely heat things up like never before.

It’s after the flesh revealing cheerleader steams up the chilly frigid night air that Dana finds herself eagerly sneaking into the locker room to overhear the end of an inspiring speech by the coach to the players. Luckily for her, Trey stays behind just a bit longer as the others head back for the second half.

Surprising Trey, Dana does what no smart girl would and walks right out, giving him the inspiration only her body can provide, begging him to literally fuck her brains out.

Caught in the midst of quite possibly having exactly that done to her, Dana finds herself alone with none other than Trey’s creepy father, Bill… and Bill promises to pack as much cream on the inside as she smeared on the outside and truly ratchet down her once blinding intelligence.

Is Dana destined to become the dumbest easiest cheerleader in school history? Will she even be smart enough to read the important invite to a special location she gets as a result of trying the free warming cream? Has perverted old dude Bill ever been this happy to help a girl out?

Find out in the tale that packs away all the protein of a thousand feasts, and yet only leads us into the final Fertile Feasts of the season.


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