You can get lost in the Translation

Trance-tory Trance-lations by Kris P. Kreme

Trance-tory Trance-lations by Kris P. Kreme

Brad always wanted a common interest with his teenage son Gray. When Gray won a trip that let them both test a powerful new technology, they found a lust for talking Asian women out of more than just their clothing.

The Trance-tory Trance-lator worked in the language processing center of the brain; when worn it changed the words spoken into whatever language made the listener most comfortable. But something happened and it corrupted more than just the technology itself.

Now Brad takes Gray to a new city as he begins college, and on this trip they may find more than Gray’s new college home away from home… a limitless source of truly twisted Trance-tory Trance-lations.


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Over 15,000 Words of Kreme!

There was a time not long ago when Brad desperately wanted to find a common ground where he and his son, Gray, could relate, identify, and just get along. It was a seemingly impossible task for a man to reach his eighteen year old son, and then came the fateful day Gray won a contest which would take both of them on a week-long tour of Asian countries testing out an unbelievably innovative product called the Trance-tory Trance-lator.

Trance-tory has always been known for putting innovation and progress ahead of safety and restraint, and the Trance-lator was no exception. During their flight, the cabin pressure of high altitudes did something to the Trance-lators, affecting their operation. What was intended to simply translate every language spoken to and from the wearer with the added enhancement of putting the foreign language speaker at ease, ended up do far more.

The Trance-lator seemed to do more than relax the listener, who heard whatever Brad and Gray said in the language they were most comfortable with. It seemed to essentially free them from inhibitions, moral dilemmas, and make them feel more than just comfortable… an obvious arousal which Brad and Gray over the course of their week-long flights grew to thrive on and enjoy.

It has now been a number of months since Brad and Gray returned, their minds corrupted as much as their lusts for exotic women during that father son bonding trip. Brad not only embraced the appeal of cheating with other women, but when he returned felt nothing all that wrong about the way his wife and daughter became so willing to follow directions. The Trance-lator merely makes anyone comfortable with what is spoken, and while Trance-tory never released them after the test trip, Brad and his son still use theirs all the time.

Thanks to his mom and sister being successful whores, Gray is now moving off to a fancy college in a very diverse large northwestern city, and that is where Brad begins another bonding trip, taking his son to college, planning to find the right place for him to start his adventures on his own.

In a car fancier than anything Brad used to ever be able to afford, he has driven Gray into the city of his new college, but shortly after arriving, an unbelievably attractive Asian woman catches both of their eyes. She’s leaving a car out front of a high-rise, the car marked with a realty company name, and that is how Brad and Gray meet Maya who happens to be showing an available penthouse condo for sale.

Brad decides a lesson in restraint is in order, as he has taken to using his Trance-tory Trance-lator skills with surgical precision, pacing himself, enjoying the hunt. His son Gray has taken the typically opposite view, loving the chaotic instant control, warping a mind and enjoying the shock of the moments. So Maya will be showing these two very interested parties the ultimate living place in an urban city locale just down the street from Gray’s new college.

Will this tour teach Gray the benefits of restraint as well as showing Brad the fun of completely corrupting a sweet realtor? Will Maya get the ultimate sale at a cost of her dignity and self-restraint?

Naturally after things go well with Maya, Gray decides to better get acquainted with new penthouse neighbors… Brad heading down to the lobby to deal with the paperwork. But will a man and his daughter, having been waiting at the original appointed time to see the penthouse anger Brad enough to react more like his son?

What will the man think when sent by Brad to cool off by stealing from others as he thinks Brad and Gray stole the condo right out from under him, especially when what he is sent to steal is married women from the men beside them? What will his daughter, a very innocent but beautiful redhead named Samantha think when Brad chooses to take her for a walk… turning the girl from good to very bad on the bustling city streets?

The Trance-tory Trance-lator brought Brad and Gray together under the shared lust of manipulating and controlling beautiful women merely by speaking to them. Now that Gray is starting a new life in a new city, it’s all new women of all kinds the father and son have to play with, and more than a few men whose lives are just as fun to mess around with along the way.

But are the Trance-lators corrupting Brad and Gray more than they thought over months of use… are the influences of their perverse minds growing, and where will their next conversation take them? Find out in the twisted tale that continues the corruption with flawlessly trance-lated temptations… Trance-tory Trance-lations.


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