Jun 21 2016

Get the picture Readers!

Selfie Sluts by Kris P. Kreme

Selfie Sluts by Kris P. Kreme

Hanging out at Beth’s house, Beth and her two best friends, Selena and Haley, decide it’s finally time for one last selfie before graduation.

They even find a new photo app that promises life altering selfies, but for these three girls, they might not know just how true a words those are.

After taking the perfect picture, they discover that the filter that seems most flattering and professional also just happens to have the worst name, Slutty and Sinful.

It’s only a filter though, right? Nothing bad ever happened from applying a poorly named filter to your picture did it?


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Three best friends about to graduate from high school discover that sometimes getting the right selfie can go very wrong.

While hanging out at Beth’s house, her two best friends Selena and Haley are in full agreement that they need a really good selfie to post to Facebook before graduation. There’s also no better time than the present since they’re dressed in cute tops they went shopping together to buy.

Beth has been hunting down apps to possibly make their selfie even more perfect and she thinks she may have found one worth trying. As she points out to her two best friends, it is a free app and claims to offer truly life altering selfies.

Willing to finally stop with their procrastination over when and where to take a new group selfie, all three agree to give this phone app a try and before they know it Beth is holding the selfie stick and snapping some pics, eager to see how they turn out.

Other than the flash seeming a bit brighter than before, none of them notice much different taking a pic using the app than just a normal one, but the real fun begins when they see the very unique set of filters that can be applied to better enhance the pictures.

Finding just the right picture, where all three are looking as perfect as they can together, smiling and cheery, the filters prove to be the challenge. Each one alters or tints the colors and hues in various ways, and none seem quite right until they come to the one filter all three can agree on. But then is the name listed really the name of the filter? And is there any way they could purposely choose to apply a filter called Slutty and Sinful to their final group selfie of high school?

Considering that Beth led the senior faith committee, Selena sang in the church choir, and Haley was president of the Abstinence Club, it’s more than a little ironic that the best filter they found was called Slutty and Sinful.

Still, it’s only a name right? What’s the worst that could possibly happen choosing a filter with a bad name for their selfie?

Say cheese, Readers, for your month is about to get a bit more twisted, as you take a lesson in photography from the Selfie Sluts.


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