Watch out for Booby Traps on the ceiling Readers!

BoobyTrapped: Busting the Glass Ceiling by Kris P. Kreme

BoobyTrapped: Busting the Glass Ceiling by Kris P. Kreme

On the most important day of Madison’s career, when everything is on the table, she may end up being bent over it.

She has it all, good looks, intelligence, and a supportive loving boyfriend, but Madison now has the promise of a position on the board where she works.

It’s a promotion that comes with one final interview, a nervous one as the board is notoriously made up of sexist men.

A phone call before her interview may ruin everything Madison has worked for after she realizes that no matter how crazy it sounds, being Booby Trapped is no laughing matter.

Readers Choice Month BUSTS more than the glass ceiling.


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Today is the day for Madison, and even as her always supportive boyfriend, Stan, drops her off at the office, she just isn’t sure how well the meeting over her possible promotion will go with the board members.

While Stan is a rare guy, having been hurt by his past girlfriend’s cheating, appreciating a woman like Madison as an equal deserving of respect, the all male board members and in fact every man in the company seems to think little of women besides sex objects.

Everyday, Madison and the few other women fighting to climb the corporate ladder deal with the stares, the lusty whispered comments, and every other hardship that only a woman faces in the workplace. She knows she’s attractive, slender, blemish free pale skin, rich black and always well kept hair. Being attractive though isn’t what matters in the workplace.

She’s already passed all qualifications for this potential promotion, every requirement met, the only thing remaining to make it happen a meeting with the board members.

As she sits in her office, going over notes of what she might say, how she might say it, Madison isn’t in the mood for games, which is why her first impression of the rather odd phone call she gets on her cell phone is that it’s some idiot’s idea of a prank, and on the worst possible day for one.

According to the man clearly using a rather cheap old voice changer, Madison has been Booby Trapped. She must complete three tasks or face the penalties. The only thing at all which keeps Madison from just hanging up the phone is a threat made to her boyfriend, a threat made by name, proving that whoever it is on the phone, they know more than a little about Madison.

Any possible threat to a sweet guy like Stan, who already has been hurt enough in life, is too much to risk, particularly when Madison hears what the penalties of refusing or failing her three challenged tasks are. It’s insane and stupid of them to really think she will genuinely worry about her breasts growing massive for each failed task. So what risk is there really, at least in entertaining the caller?

Madison has worked exceptionally hard, been the brightest and most intelligent woman the company has ever seen, ready to bust that glass ceiling once and for all, but just what happens to change all that may be more than she can handle.

One simple failed task literally floors Madison with the unexpected, with the truly terrifying implications this mysterious caller has already made. Will she somehow manage to recover what little dignity remains and meet the challenges in time for her board meeting interview? Will she find out whether her suspicions are true and either a fellow employee or perhaps one of the members of the board are behind all of this? Or will Madison truly bring all new meaning to the term BUSTing the Glass Ceiling?

Find out in the latest greatest Booby Trap, taking Readers Choice readers back to the office for some corporate kinks.


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