Jun 27 2016

Therapy is a Konversation Readers!

Konversational Kounseling by Kris P. Kreme

Konversational Kounseling by Kris P. Kreme

Determined to find out what can be done about her fiancée always greeting her as a slut, whore, or bimbo, Anna visits a very skilled therapist, but does a simple conversation with this man open her eyes to possibilities she never considered?

Is her fiancée the one with problems, or is Anna simply failing to accept that she is in fact all of the words he calls her? Find out in the first all business Konversation, Konversational Kounseling, where business is a pleasure.

Readers Choice Month takes the time to talk things out.


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Visiting a therapist known for being expertly skilled with talking problems out, Anna may be unprepared for just how severe a conversation her problems can result in.

As she explains to the good doctor that her fiancée Jeffrey is a kind and sweet man, always honest and sincere with her, Anna also explains that those qualities about him make the one problem in their relationship that much more distressing.

It seems that Jeffrey is always calling her words she finds horribly offensive, saying them in greeting and never saying them with anger or resentment, simply tossing out a ‘Hey slut’, or ‘How’s it going whore?’ and continuing on as though saying such a thing is perfectly normal.

Anna is a very sweet girl, very wholesome and pure, and she knows Jeffrey loves her and respects her, as he shows it in absolutely everything else he does, but why does he call her these horrible things even briefly, or even jokingly?

Thankfully for her the conversation with the therapist is helping, though she isn’t sure how it is ultimately going to solve the problems until her therapist points out that she may be looking at the problems entirely wrong.

If Jeffrey is always honest and sincere, then could he possibly be speaking the truth when he calls her a slut or a whore? But what about him calling her a bimbo too? Can anyone really be all three? Is this really the problem Anna is facing, finding out which word best describes her, or if she is a rare fit for all three?

Sometimes therapy opens ones eyes to all new possibilities about themselves… but sometimes it opens their mind a whole lot more. Discover the work behind the pleasure as Anna experiences some truly Konversational Kounseling this Readers Choice Month.


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