Jun 29 2016

Grab a cold one to end Readers’ Choice 2016!

Bimbo Beer by Kris P. Kreme

Bimbo Beer by Kris P. Kreme

Summer pays for law school by working at Declan’s, a low class and poorly kept bar that is always looking for cheap ways to success.

The latest attempt might just be their best as it has Summer wearing the most embarrassing excuse for a bar wench costume and serving the most humiliating excuse for a beer, called Bimbo Beer.

It seems everyone loves Bimbo Beer, but even more love the lovely lass serving it, and so it’s quite fitting to end Readers Choice Month with the true taste of Summer, definitely a taste she will never forget.


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A definite spitfire of a redhead, Summer has been studying pre-law, aiming to one day be as fierce in the courtroom as she is outside of it. Unfortunately school isn’t cheap and so she has taken to working behind the bar at Declan’s, a horribly dingy excuse for a pub run by the man himself, Declan.

Originally from Ireland, Declan lost all hint of an accent and respect for women years ago. Summer often points out the issues with his bar, issues of cleanliness, safety, of basic laws he is skirting by. Today though might just be the day Declan gets her back for all her know-it-all attitude.

In order to better promote the bar, Declan has taken to having weekend promotional events with new beer brands and for today he needs someone to leave the bar and serve the patrons in his rather humiliating excuse for a bar wench costume.

Lucky Summer is the recipient, and not only because she might just be the only one to fit the costume. With her length of red hair and gorgeous body, it’s a sure bet that she’ll help keep all the customers happy, but when Summer sees both the costume and the name of the ridiculously foamy beer she’ll be serving, she knows she will regret ever needing a pay check bad enough for this day.

Bimbo Beer is the worst name she ever heard of, but it also just happens to have the biggest foam head of any beer she ever saw, and during the rush of running to drunken patrons, dealing with their rather aggressive comments and stares, leave it to bad luck for Summer to spill some of that foamy beer on herself.

Declan isn’t one to let an employee leave when people are crowding his usually sparse bar, so Summer simply lets the beer dry on her, but what is happening as time goes by? Why is her chest not only feeling swollen but looking it as well? Even more disturbing to the always fierce intelligent girl, why is she finding herself being more and more flirtatious?

They say a busy shift at work can really drain a girl, but nothing comes closer to the truth for Summer as Declan’s has the most successful night in years and finally the know-it-all pre-law student is shut up and down quite thoroughly.

Readers Choice Month ends, so let’s all have a beer, and be sure and discover for yourselves why Bimbo Beer is a Summer ale.


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