Jun 03 2016

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Trance-tory T&A by Kris P. Kreme

Trance-tory T&A by Kris P. Kreme

William has a wonderful family, projects to keep himself busy, and plenty of wealth. But even a rich man has needs and for his own entertainment, William has purchased the Trance-tory T&A remote which literally spices up anything on television at the push of a button.

It works well, but what happens when his wife flips over to their security feed with the T&A button still active?

Has Trance-tory claimed yet another innocent family or is there anything wrong with having more T&A around the house?

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Anyone would say that William J. Harrington the third had it all, and they’d be right. He’s quite wealthy, with a very attractive wife, two beautiful twin daughters about to head to college and one son already there on a full athletic scholarship.

He’s blessed with a fantastic private estate home and has his hobbies and tinkering with gadgets and projects around the house to occupy his time. After finishing up his latest household project of installing a network of security cameras all over the property, William is quite thrilled to hear his wife Tessa inform him that a package has arrived.

Of course William would never tell Tessa that his thrill comes not from the promise of another piece to his ongoing projects, but to the latest Trance-tory product he ordered and has been waiting to add some serious spice to his man cave.

William isn’t about to risk his family, having done all the research and taken many precautions when it comes to Trance-tory. His sweet wife, Tessa, his girls Jamie and Jackie, they simply don’t understand why William insists on doing all work around the private estate. For William, sure he enjoys the projects, but he also knows that Trance-tory products and services can be found everywhere and they always lead to disaster with loving families.

By doing all the work himself, William knows they haven’t been mistakenly exposed to Trance-tory’s notorious influences, but he also knows that a man has needs so this latest product is just for him, only to be used in the privacy of his man cave.

The Trance-tory T&A remote control doesn’t simply change channels, it adds the one element every man would like to see more of when flipping through channels and that’s a bit more sex and perversion.

By simply finding a channel, like a sappy family drama television show, one can simply press the T&A button and activate the unique technology Trance-tory is famed for, the performers in the show changing to steer all drama straight into depraved directions.

It’s the perfect solution William thinks, the one way he can enjoy that visual stimulation without risk to anyone actually changing as there have been so many reports of occurring after Trance-tory products are embraced.

Unfortunately for William he gets a bit caught up flipping channels and changing everything he sees on television. When Tessa practically barges right in, he’s unable to stop her from grabbing the remote and changing over to Channel One where their newly installed private security feed from around the house can be found.

Concerned that their twin daughters may be smoking again somewhere, Tessa simply wants to spot them, but imagine her surprise and William’s when the still active T&A filter instantly changes the innocent girls into desperate sluts with much more than an oral fixation.

Before William can even blink away the horror, the security camera feed has cycled through and there he is on screen in his home theater… both he and Tessa feeling the changes as they occur.

When William brought a bit more T&A into his lavish household, he never expected it to be quite so severe, but with Trance-tory what’s a man to expect?


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