Jun 05 2016

Need a haircut Readers?

Just a Little off the Top by Kris P. Kreme

Just a Little off the Top by Kris P. Kreme

Sometimes a haircut can trim away everything holding a girl back.

Kelly has always been so shy she rarely went anywhere or did anything. Pushed into a social dance with her roommate’s brother, Kelly finds herself at a salon where the men seem to know a lot about hair.

As she watches the others in the salon get transformed through the art of simple cuttings, Kelly never suspects that her own identity might be cut away, leaving her anything but socially shy.

It’s definitely not time to be shy this Readers Choice Month, so sit down and take Just a Little off the Top.


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Kelly has terminal shyness, never going anywhere new, at least not until her roommate talked her into going with her brother to an upcoming social dance. But before that dance, Kelly is going to have to have a haircut and this time her roommate has recommended a place, instead of letting Kelly simply head home where her mom can cut it as she usually lets her.

It’s all new for Kelly, all stressful and intimidating, and the salon she’s at definitely isn’t making it much easier. Run by all guys, similarly dressed in black, they definitely seem to know their trade if the other ladies having their hair done are any examples.

Waiting and watching the others, Kelly shyly is amazed by the transformations, from housewives to models, young girls to mature beauties, it’s all a bit overwhelming for the terrified introvert, but then comes her turn towards the end of a busy day.

When asked what she wants, Kelly can only stammer that she wants just a little off the top, but is the man about to cut their hair reacting a bit oddly to such a request? Are the other men who consult with him? Or is this all just part of Kelly’s embarrassed and uncomfortable imagination?

Upon the first snip of scissors, Kelly feels something she has never felt before, as though the man is not simply taking off excess hair but taking off her anxiety, her nervousness, the parts of Kelly which make Kelly the way she has always been.

While the final look Kelly will have might remain uncertain, one thing definitely isn’t and that’s the definite fact that her roommate’s brother will quite satisfied with their social date… at least after the men in this salon truly take the new Kelly for a test spin.


Find it on Smashwords now!

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