Jun 11 2016

Pay attention to the words Readers!

The FLICK Puppet by Kris P, Kreme

The FLICK Puppet by Kris P, Kreme

Samantha is sweet and carefree, vibrant red hair as gorgeous as her attitude and on an otherwise ordinary day she’ll discover that shopping at a place called Curious Curiosities can have curious repercussions.

Finding an antique puppet, Samantha begs to buy it for her mom who is returning home soon. The old man sells it to her but with a severe warning never to look too long into the puppet’s eyes.

Unfortunately she does and after drifting off to sleep, Samantha wakes to find that she no longer controls her body.

The puppet now pulls her strings and he is going to make Samantha do some very naughty things before he is done playing with her.


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Samantha is easily the sweetest and most genuinely happy girl most have ever encountered. As she puts it, she loves life, and has the attitude to prove it. For an eighteen year old girl ready to face the world with the best attitude possible, she might not be ready for what dark corners of that world she is going to face on one particularly bad day.

After an encouraging conversation with her closest neighbor, Mr. Hank, Samantha is happily heading to her car to go and visit a new shop that opened not too far away from their rural home.

Curious Curiosities is a place that just from the name has Samantha quite fittingly curious. She’s always been a carefree girl, sweet to all ages but especially kind to the older generation. Perhaps that’s the reason she loves antiques and oddities, knick knacks and conversation pieces. She knows as soon as she has walked through the door that this is definitely the place for her.

Even if the old man operating the register is kinda rude and seemingly more interested in reading his magazine than greeting his redheaded new customer, Samantha is never one to judge. She’s just enjoying the crowded and stacked items, the dusty old antiques, the many remnants of the past this place offers.

She’s there to shop for a gift to surprise her mom when she returns from out of town, but until Samantha spots the old looking puppet in the corner, she never imagined she’d stumble upon something so perfect.

Her mother used to do little puppet shows back in college when both her parents were hippies, and this old puppet carved from wood and still having all his strings is just perfect.

The only label on the dusty old puppet is a single word partially faded on his chin, the word FLICK, but whether it’s a maker’s mark or a name, Samantha doesn’t care. This is the gift she has to get, even if the old man seems somewhat shocked that she wants it.

He’s nervous and constantly trying to talk her out of it, but offering no reasons why, and only when Samantha begs to buy it, explaining why she wanted it, does the man relent. He’ll sell it, as it is for sale, everything is, but she must promise to never look too long into the puppet’s eyes.

Samantha has never been the type of girl to question her elders but is as carefree as always, commenting about how pretty his eyes are.

Purchasing the old puppet and taking him back home, Samantha awaits her dad getting off work later that evening and just knows he’ll agree how perfect a gift for her mom this is.

In the meantime, thinking more about the old man’s warning, Samantha can’t help but disagree that anything is bad about this puppet. He looks nice, and with the little word FLICK on his chin, she decides to call him, Mr. Flick Puppet.

Staring into Mr. Flick Puppet’s eyes, she realizes just how suddenly tired she must have become from the morning’s activities, and before she knows it, Samantha is nodding off flat on her bed, face to face with the supposedly sinister puppet.

In the afternoon, Samantha awoke, but the face of the puppet she wakes staring at is not the same as the one she fell asleep to. Even worse, Samantha can’t move, unable to even sit up on her own.

Whispering, barely able to even speak on her own, Samantha discovers that something else is now quite literally pulling her own strings. With the invisible sensation of literal strings lifting the girl up from her bed, walking her over to the mirror, Samantha takes a long look at herself.

Before she even has a chance to realize how wrong her smile seems, Samantha is feeling the manipulation of not just her body’s movements but her words as clearly Mr. Flick Puppet has decided to pull her strings and make her do very very bad things.

If what she says about herself isn’t bad enough, things definitely will get worse when she is forced to change into skimpy clothing and head outside only to greet Mr. Hank on his afternoon jog with the vision of a sweet carefree neighbor girl who is suddenly up for some very nasty fun.

Find out just how far a girl’s strings can be pulled in the tale that reminds readers to always read a word several times before assuming it simply says FLICK.


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