Donnie’s taking it easy on Kris-mas

Grimmel's Gift by Kris P. Kreme

Grimmel’s Gift by Kris P. Kreme

Donnie the Demon is away at a mini-pizza convention and this Christmas he has left his two best bullies in charge of the Costume Castle.

Of course Donnie is still under the impression the old bullies are now buddies, but Melgrim and Grimmel only have plans to bring all new meaning to costume chaos.

As complicated plots have never worked, a simple idea Grimmel has about remote activating the holiday lighting sparks the ultimate idea in humiliation, and this year Donnie’s hometown will have a Christmas parade so hot, it will be downright hellish.

Kris-mas is the time to Donnie your best apparel.


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Ever since the unplanned success of a Pizza Popper promotion at Donnie the Demon’s Costume Castle, Donnie has been under the rather clueless impression that his two old demon bullies are in fact now his buddies, and as such he has entrusted them with running the business while he heads upstate to an all important Mini-Pizzas of the World Convention.

So Melgrim and Grimmel find themselves running the show, running the shop, and at least in the case of the always plotting Melgrim trying to figure out some way of truly fucking with Donnie’s customers in a way they never have done before.

Melgrim has always been the brains of the outfit when it came to the pair of demonic bullies from hell, but every plot, every plan, and every trick they have played on Donnie in the past has somehow only helped the dimwitted simpleton succeed more in both his business and his personal life with the humans he pathetically loves so much.

This year has to be different, and since it’s the off season, a time when only the occasional customer is even by, picking up Christmas outfits, Melgrim knows he has to have just the right plan to finally succeed in bringing chaos to the Costume Castle’s front door. Even if Melgrim was always the brains of the outfit, that doesn’t mean Grimmel is without his talents and as Melgrim learns sometimes having a gift for the simple things can be the most inspiring plot of all when it comes to messing with Donnie.

It’s as Grimmel is messing around with the Christmas lighting that an idea is sparked, Grimmel having put together a little remote that should activate all the lighting whenever they want, making opening and closing the store that much easier until Donnie returns. But it’s the remote, a simple concept from a simple mind such as Grimmel’s which sets everything in motion.

Putting their heads together, Melgrim and Grimmel form a plan like no other, a way of really humiliating the humans, twisting not only their minds and bodies as has been done before, but doing so in an entirely new way which will forever haunt Donnie and the pathetic humans he loves so much, and might just ruin the reputation of the entire town.

The cursed costumes are old news, costumes changing the wearer to better fit a perverted theme loosely based around the costume itself. However, by connecting the remote to the curse, Melgrim and Grimmel can hand out the costumes, follow and let the wearers head out in public, and then remotely activate the changes those cursed threads will bring.

The perfect opportunity comes just as everything is ready, a few of Donnie’s personal friends, the youth minister of a local church and two of his senior youth stopping by to pick up Christmas costumes for the float they will ride in the annual town Christmas parade later that afternoon.

Each year Donnie has made sure the costumes are perfect, a Santa costume, an elf costume, and a Santa girl costume. Of course this year, Donnie’s away, and his moral upstanding friends, Pastor Stan, Eric, and Abigail, are about to be the test dummies for an all new brand of costumed chaos like never before.

It’s later in the afternoon when the parade gets going, but will all eyes be on the pretty floats or the pretty crazy stuff which centers around one single float. From a Santa who soon has a magic arousal inducing twinkle in his eye, to an elf with sex toys to toss out to the crowd, nothing will quite match the transition sweet virginal Abigail publicly suffers.

For Melgrim and Grimmel, they never quite figured out how best to mess with Donnie, but thanks to Grimmel’s Gift, this year they may have finally figured out the real way to mess with Donnie’s customers and friends.

On the eighth day of Kris-mas, there was one hell of a parade.

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On the next day of Kris-mas… Kris-mas proves it’s never too late to get everything you ever wanted… and realize it was too much.