Kris-mas is virtually irresistible…

Cum-E-Bears by Kris P. Kreme

Cum-E-Bears by Kris P. Kreme

After hackers alter a wildly new popular technology site selling E-Bears, two college girls will never be the same.

Offering virtual screen jumping minute long e-card experiences with happy little animated bears, E-Bears are revolutionary fun… at least if you’re over twenty-one.

Jessica and her friend Leah are eighteen and due to the hackers, Jessica’s dad has sent her a special E-Bear greeting.

It will have her and her friend screaming in more than just the happiness of the season. Kris-mas can be more than some girls can handle.


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E-Bears Incorporated has done what no e-card service ever could by breaking through a technological barrier long thought impossible. Of course no other e-card services have a brilliant mind like Craig Landry leading them. The latest trend, wildly popular in all sorts of apps and home entertainment is virtual reality, and Craig brought the world the E-Bears, minute long virtual experiences which leap from the screen when the E-Bear cards are opened.

The only problem is that someone has hacked E-Bear Incorporated and done the unthinkable… altered one tiny unnoticeable element of their website.

The E-Bear virtual experience is revolutionary, using advanced technology to tap into the viewer’s mind like never before, and only one danger exists, one flaw even the brilliant mind of Craig Landry and his team of tech geniuses couldn’t solve. E-Bears can simply not be viewed by anyone under the age of twenty-one.

Something in the developing mind of those under the age of twenty-one makes the E-Bear viewing experience quite dangerous, potentially leading to stunted development, unpredictable mental side effects, or even vast shifts in personality. As such every site page and ordering form makes it very clear that no one can purchase or receive if they are under twenty-one.

After a late night hack though, the quite professional hackers changed merely one thing, making the sales of E-Bears possible to only anyone over eighteen and to Craig Landry’s dismay over five hundred sales happened, any of which could be devastating if they happened to be going to someone between the ages of eighteen and twenty.

As it so happens, one of those more than five hundred purchases of an E-Bear came from a man named Carl, who as his wife puts it is just too good to the women in his life, splurging on the extra expense to send his daughter, Jessica, a special E-Bear Christmas greeting her first year away from home in college.

It’s only too bad that Carl and his wife are too busy to stop and read the urgent email E-Bears Incorporated sent them about NOT letting Jessica view that card.

Meanwhile at college, Jessica is about to head out with her roommate and best friend Leah when she gets a very special E-Bear greeting on her tablet. E-Bears are only the coolest latest thing, the thing everyone is talking about and wishing they could see for themselves, but Leah swears she read some article about them not being safe for certain ages.

Assuming her dad could never send anything if it wasn’t safe, not only does Jessica watch but she lets Leah stay with her and watch as well. E-Bears can only be viewed once, and Jessica doesn’t want Leah left out. Just as she pushes the button to play, E-Bears live up to the hype, dancing right out of the screen, literally blowing Jessica’s hair back, her sensations so real, the feel of them hopping happily around and even up on her tummy.

This E-Bear happens to feature a roller coaster ride, one so incredible both girls can feel the rises and falls, the wind in their hair, and the intensity of an experience they just couldn’t be prepared for. No one could ever have predicted that a young pair of eighteen year old minds would translate the experience of those virtual roller coaster hills into such mind blowing pleasure, orgasms beginning to overtake both Jessica and her friend.

It’s what happens after the E-Bear concludes, after the virtual Christmas greeting has been experienced which will ensure that everyone has one hell of a Merry Christmas, and which proves Carl is definitely not father of the year, even if he does give a girl everything she wants and more.

Kris-mas is the time which breeds hope and togetherness… and the E-Bears will get a girl well on her way to just that… one Cum at a time.

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On the next day of Kris-mas… SINtendo arrives bearing gifts…