Dec 20 2016

SINtendo’s back for Kris-mas!

SINtendo Companion APP by Kris P. Kreme

SINtendo Companion APP by Kris P. Kreme

Surprised by his awesome if shy girlfriend Elise with an early Christmas present video game, Jim is all set to play while she leaves to go gift shopping.

But when the companion app for the game is unreleased and he can’t start without it, Jim will find other things to pass the time… mostly messing around with a ridiculous little app called the SINtendo Companion APP.

Thinking he is altering a photo to later embarrass Elise, he never suspects he is altering Elise herself, and she will be feeling those changes and much more as she is never shy again.

Kris-mas apps, free only from SINtendo.


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Over 10,000 words of SINtendo!

Jim couldn’t be happier with a girl like Elise, and after she surprises him with an early Christmas present of a video game he’s been going on and on about for nearly a year, he knows there’s nothing that could make her any less perfect.

Of course Jim and Elise never could suspect that one single gaming company holds their fate in its hands, and it isn’t the company that made the video game she gave him.

After Elise leaves to go Christmas shopping for Jim, leaving him time with his brand new video game, Jim dives in like an eager kid, pulling out the Playbox Pro he only has had for a year now.

Mind Strangler is supposed to be an amazing experience, both from the standpoint of graphics and gameplay, but as he opens the box and is reminded by the little insert inside, certain limited edition versions of the game also have a downloadable Companion App for the player’s smart phone.

This app will offer clues to in game mysteries and even allow for exclusive bonus missions unavailable if starting the game without the optional app downloaded.

Immediately seeking out that app on his phone, Jim is devastated to find out that the companion app for Mind Strangler hasn’t been released yet, estimated to release anywhere from mid to late December. What he does find in his search is a strikingly similar title called the Companion APP to some game called Mind Scrambler.

This app is from a company Jim hasn’t heard of called SINtendo and just reading about it makes him laugh. According to the limited description, the Companion APP by SINtendo will make her the companion you always wanted, guaranteed to give companionship that not only makes a man work hard but play harder.

It seems to be from the preview pics some weird photo manipulation app, and somehow Jim just knows Elise will get a real kick out of it. He figures he’ll kid her about being so shy and reserved by downloading the app and altering a picture of her, then showing it to her when she returns from her Christmas shopping.

Of course Jim could never imagine that as soon as he downloads the SINtendo Companion APP, the photo it shows is not simply a photo it detected from the contacts in his phone or one on an online profile they have associated with his phone. The photo is actually Elise, now and then, at that exact moment out shopping.

For the free download, Jim can only do three alterations to his girlfriend, further ones or reversal of ones already done promising to cost him as paid additions to the app.

Laughing, bored because he can’t go ahead and start the game he really wanted, Jim spends some time browsing and choosing cutely named alterations, enjoying the photo changes and knowing it will drive Elise to blush seeing what he messed around with on this weird little free app.

Meanwhile as Jim is cracking up over choosing a ridiculously named and described alteration called Udderly Appreciated, he would never suspect that Elise is suddenly feeling that exact change happen, her tits rapidly producing milk each time a man so much as glances at her chest.

Unsure what is happening, freaking out, Elise calls the only one she can think of to help but even when Jim answers she can’t figure out how to say what she thinks is happening to her. She’ll sound crazy, and so she ends the call letting Jim just assume she’ll be texting preview pics of small parts of whatever she buys, a fun habit she has which he loves to guess about.

This is one Christmas though where the texts when they come will not be making Jim very merry because guessing won’t be required about the woman in the pictures, a woman he never even knew he was changing into the perfect companion… not just for him, but for any man.

Apps always have a tricky way of ensuring the user pays in the end, but no app ever made a man pay like Jim does when he downloads the SINtendo Companion App.

On the sixth day of Kris-mas, grab your kinky companion… and if you don’t have one, grab an APP and make her one.

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On the next day of Kris-mas… Go Elf yourself…