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Dec 12 2018

Santa always knows…

Alison Bradford is a logical married woman, but she never told anyone about the fetish she had for Santa. Now a website she discovered offers the ultimate release for her obsessions. She can write a letter, as kinky and twisted as she wants, to Santa. Shortly after, an advanced AI will custom reply with a …

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Dec 10 2018

The Elves know Naughty…

Hurrying to get donations and his wife’s favorite Santa hat to her for a television interview, Kenneth Manders collides with more than fate in a hospital stairwell. The two strange little men claim to be Naughty Elves, and they’ve heard of his wife Victoria, a gorgeous woman with a charitable spirit. The elves offer Kenneth …

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Dec 08 2018

At Krismas use Orna-MENTAL

Home for the holidays, Cora is a psychology student getting her first real world lesson in what is and isn’t real. Bumping into an old classmate at a thrift shop, Cora is told that cursed items were donated from an asylum near where she grew up. She’s told that merely a sniff of these cursed …

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Dec 06 2018

There’s something about that clock

At first glance Andy might be the envy of most boyfriends out there, his girlfriend Kaya a hot busty Asian. Yet appearances can be deceiving as Kaya is a virginal good girl who even insists on separate bedrooms living together with him. But more than just appearances will be deceiving when Andy blurts out that …

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Dec 04 2018

Krismas 2018 begins with a Konversation

A familiar talkative man makes more than pleasant conversation with a stunning mother and daughter at the community Christmas party this year. Spotting the pair wearing oddly quirky blue party hats, he is intrigued to learn that today happens to be the birthday of Haley, who is turning eighteen… the very age her mother Helen …

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Dec 08 2016

Kris-mas is Koming!

December is here and it’s time for the Kreme’s Kris-mas to begin! New SINtendo! New Naughty Elves! New Temp Imps! New Konverations! Donnie the Demon returns! 12 new stories of the season from the Kreme! Get ready for the Twelve Days of Krismas, koming soon!

Dec 26 2014

Pick up the Khristmas gift you didn’t know you wanted

There are bargains to be found shopping during the holidays. The bargain Brennan stumbles across on TV might be too good to pass up. The Merry Mindless Corset, a sexy tight article of clothing that actually squeezes all willpower and personality from a woman promises complete control to the man in her life. Brennan has …

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Dec 22 2014

Ring those Khristmas Bellas

Bella isn’t just good, she’s saintly. In seminary, studying to be a minister, Bella looks for the best in people. After an accident ruins the bell she was planning to use bell ringing for charity, she finds kindness as a man offers her a replacement. However, this bell is anything but normal and her day …

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Dec 19 2014

Have you put up your Khristmas Lights?

Everyone sees plenty of homes brightly colored and decorated for the season this time of year. As one home proves, tis the season to be pleasin. Kent is finally ready to decorate his home, to put up the Twinkle Lights he purchased due to his wife’s insistence that they decorate like the neighbors do. After …

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Dec 15 2014

Khristmas can be very Naughty

After nearly hitting two of Santa’s elves on the road, Rachel, Chloe, and Emily, discover getting given a gift is not always a good thing. In fact, it can be truly naughty. All three girls have been pure, virginal, and sweet. They’ve never had a bad thought, a bad desire, but now, everything is about …

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Dec 14 2014

The Teddy Bare

Another of the covers that was a bit too much for Amazon and Smashwords was the original idea for Talking Teddy. It was a bit too bear… bare. But that’s not true here on the Kreme’s Blog, so as a treat for the Kreme’s fans, here’s the cover!

Dec 10 2014

Khristmas gets Bimbo Bombed by Fruitcake

A fruitcake nearly always leaves a bad taste, but the one Jennifer receives may just ultimately leave her a tasteless, brainless bimbo. She always loved Christmas, the decorations, the lights, the thrill of opening presents. One present she wasn’t expecting was to find herself Bimbo Bombed with a tree to decorate. If just twelve ornaments …

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Dec 07 2014

Khristmas with the Kreme starts with a Teddy Bear Tale

Khristmas arrives early! The first of six brand new holiday tales by Kris P. Kreme finds Jessica, an otherwise cute redheaded eighteen year old babysitter with her whole future waiting. That future gets twisted babysitting for the King family. Their child’s new stuffed Talking Teddy says the most encouraging things. His batteries low, Jessica replaces …

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Dec 04 2014

Kris P. Kringle is bringing Krismas!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Krismas and Kris P. Kingle is on his way with gifts of bimbos for all of the Kreme’s readers! Keep watching for the many new Christmas themed stories koming very shortly!

Dec 27 2013

Petey’s kind of Pervy for an Elf

When Santa decides to punish Petey for being a truly naughty elf, the tables soon become turned as Petey gets a hold of some of Santa’s magic wishing dust and discovers that not all letters to Santa are from children or asking for merely toys. Using the wishing dust and his own perverse mind, Petey …

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