It’s always SINtendo Season at Krismas

Tis the Season for SINtendo by Kris P. Kreme

Tis the Season for SINtendo by Kris P. Kreme

Kirsten is ready for boredom when she has to stay at her dad’s house while he leaves town on one last business trip before Christmas. After all what could be more boring than basically having to watch for and open any unusual packages he receives?

Yet boredom will be a thing of the past when she opens what first looks to be an ordinary video game controller.

This controller has been sent by SINtendo, competition to her dad, and it has been specially programmed to run a sampler compilation of seasonally sinful games that Kirsten will be helpless to do anything but play, her own hands holding the controller which leads her on a mind and body altering gameplay around town.


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On the old street with brick paved sidewalks and immaculate Victorian homes, one home stands out as the most modernized, a home that happens to also belong to easily the most successful man on the block. Robert Thomas has made a career in the video game industry, a highly successful career. Unfortunately his relationships never worked out so well, one working out long enough at least to give him his pride and joy, a daughter named Kirsten.

But this Christmas Kirsten is whining in a typical college teen way about having to stay at her dad’s house as he heads out of town on his last business trip of the year. Having gotten home from college early, Robert says he really needs her staying there and watching for any suspicious packages. The video game business gets aggressive and competitive, and just last year a package was left that had a rigged car battery device inside. It bypassed the network securities in Robert’s technologically advanced home and lowered security allowing for wireless hacking of important work files.

This year he can’t risk something like that happening, so Kirsten needs to stay and keep watch, and any package that arrives, she needs to open it to ensure it isn’t such a device.

Of course Robert Thomas has no way of knowing that a package which arrives shortly after he leaves has been delivered with the precise intention of being opened by his cute nineteen year old daughter.

When the package arrives, Kirsten does as she was told, opening it, but inside appears to simply be a rather ordinary looking black game controller. The note though is confusing as it seems to indicate this controller came from a competitor, Kirsten unfamiliar with the sender, SINtendo.

The note claims the box holds a sample compilation of games from SINtendo, pre-loaded onto the game controller and says they are specially developed for the Thomas family.

As Kirsten jokes, she is the only Thomas family, since he has no other relatives. Reading more, the note claims that SINtendo believes in taking gaming to the streets, keeping active for a social experience, and it claims the game controller enclosed has biometric enhanced linking to the mind of the user. In effect, this note claims that while other games use a controller to play a fictional character, in this sample compilation, the controller will play you.

Kirsten is already bored by the prospects of spending time doing pretty much nothing around her daddy’s house while he’s away so the final bold message is what sparks her to pick up the game controller.

Are you bored? the note asks. You won’t be, she reads, and once both her hands are holding that innocent ordinary looking game controller, Kirsten finds out exactly what that means.

Lights flash on the controller, a rainbow of laser lights, and suddenly Kirsten can’t move her hands, can’t let go of the controller, and she can see floating words which steer her actions as she is merely a passenger in her body, walking right out the door, literally taking gaming to the streets with the controller leading her along.

Welcome to Stocking Stuff says a voice only she can hear. In Stocking Stuff, SINtendo will take her on a seasonal themed journey through three mini-games. Each game will only employ her, no characters, no screen, just fun.

But will this truly be fun for Kirsten? Are these games designed with her in mind or sending a very serious message to her father not to work against SINtendo?

The answer may come quick for Kirsten and others she meets along the way might just cum quicker on and in her as Kirsten becomes a pawn to her own game, helpless to resist as she plays through special holiday games like Needing the Nog, Milk and Nookie, and Sleighing Down the Law.

It’s the 12 Days of Krismas… Tis the Season for SINtendo of course.


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