There’s always games to play at Krismas

Reindeer Games by Kris P. Kreme

Reindeer Games by Kris P. Kreme

During the 12 Days of Krismas you may be tempted to go shopping at the mall, but beware, the chaos might be more than you can handle.

Travis and Megan are shopping at the mall, and Megan like so many other women was given a cute glittery set of reindeer antlers to wear. But little do they know these antlers are part of a sinister plot to unleash a specific brand of chaos throughout the mall.

When certain songs are played over the mall speakers, those wearing the antlers are helpless to resist participating in the Reindeer Games, rounds progressively getting more and more inappropriate and indecent, from flirting to well beyond flirting with total strangers.


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It’s the busiest shopping time of the year, and the malls are packed, but what happens when the competition shifts quite unexpectedly and unnoticed from getting the best bargains to winning at a game no one knows they are playing?

Travis is like many other boyfriends or husbands, bored and dragged along by his cute girlfriend Megan to the mall to shop for Christmas gifts. But Travis doesn’t like the weird guys who were handing out glittery little reindeer antler headbands to most of the women entering the mall.

He’s not even sure they worked for the mall, which doesn’t bother Megan, wearing her little antlers as she shops like so many other women, enjoying the cutesy seasonal promo item they were given.

As Megan puts it, Travis almost sounds jealous, but Travis didn’t like the look of those weird guys, and as it just so happens, his instincts are right.

The men handing out the headbands are none other than Rat and Snake, two members of a particularly twisted terrorist group who are playing their role in creating a little Christmas chaos, the kind their group S.M.U.T. specializes in.

The reindeer antlers are only one element, the receivers ready to activate when certain songs are played over the mall speakers. As Badger and Wolf handle the songs, Rat and Snake will be doing as most men soon will be doing, standing by to witness as the five rounds of Reindeer Games begin.

Round one begins as Travis and Megan are shopping, a new song playing overhead and Megan rather oddly seeming suddenly to flirt and behave in a flirtatious manner with a married man who happens to be shopping near them. What’s more disturbing is the married woman flirting and seeming to compete for Travis’ attention. Yet nothing is more unnerving than how the spontaneous flirting ends with another song playing, none of the women in the store seeming to notice what they’d just been doing, only robotically speaking whether they won or didn’t win that round.

Megan doesn’t believe Travis for a minute that she’d just been flirting with some guy old enough to be her dad, continuing on her shopping, but after round one was flirting, round two involves touching. And Travis has all new confusion and worries as this time women around the store seem to be competing to touch and flirt with the most men. Once again Megan remembers nothing as the round ends, but Travis is just sure it all has something to do with the reindeer antler headbands all the women are wearing and the rather bizarre way their eyes glow a bit when behaving strangely.

But just where are the Reindeer Games leading, and what will happen as each of the five rounds get progressively more and more intimate, more and more indecent, and only more and more extreme? Will Travis helplessly watch as his girlfriend does a whole lot more than flirt with other men? Will he end up feeling like he lost, or feeling like he won a whole new type of relationship… and will shopping at Christmas be an entirely different sort of chaos that no man will ever forget, and will ultimately enjoy well beyond the season?


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