Dec 22 2019

There’s nothing like a Krismas tree

Ohhh... Krismas Tree by Kris P. Kreme

Ohhh… Krismas Tree by Kris P. Kreme

Having a guest for Christmas can be stressful, especially when his soon to be Aunt Meredith is staying in his bedroom. But Reed has never seen a stress like Meredith will be experiencing and sharing after he and his dad bring home a tree from their regular tree lot that should have never been sold.

This tree was contaminated, but by what they may never know until it’s too late. The sap might be a nuisance on any other day but thanks to the sap, Meredith is going to be warming right up to her soon to be family in ways her fiancée never imagined.

During the 12 Days of Krismas, express the resounding joy of the season with a nice healthy moan of Ohhh… Krismas Tree.


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Meredith is very happy to be spending the holidays with her soon to be new family. Maureen is her fiancée Evan’s older sister so Meredith is excited to meet Maureen’s husband Greg and their son Reed while staying over. It’s only unfortunate that Maureen has to leave town, heading to Evan’s to sign a bunch of papers handling their father’s retirement from last year. Still she promises to help out around the house until Maureen gets back.

Meanwhile Greg and his son Reed have been having a difficult time finding the right Christmas tree, searching their usual lot but coming up short on all but the worst looking trees.

As they discuss the visit of soon to be Aunt Meredith, Reed is mostly annoyed by her taking over his room, as well as the odd situation of soon having an aunt who’s only in her twenties. But Greg is wanting to stay focused on the tree, always having better luck than this year… at least until Reed spots some rather spectacular looking trees still bundled in a tent at the back corner of the lot.

Assuming these are trees that just haven’t been unloaded and brought out to the lot, Greg and Reed grab one, hoisting it up and taking it to where they can pay for it, never spotting the caution tape on the opposite side of that tent with the bold word CONTAMINATED printed on it.

Back at home the tree is sappy and heavy but Greg and Reed are quick to get it set up, refusing help from Meredith as she’s a guest. But still wanting to help, wanting to make as good an impression on her new family as they want to make on her, Meredith insists and notices how sappy their jackets got from managing the Christmas tree.

It’s in the laundry room with their jackets that Meredith first smells the pungent aroma of that sap, a strong smell that simply invades her every thought. She even tastes it, before she knows it licking her fingers clean. The taste, the smell, it’s all strangely making her ravenous for more.

But just what is it about this Christmas tree that soon has Meredith staring rather longingly at it, feeling a desire she could never explain, the feel and taste of that sap still fresh in her mind? And what is it that over time is having a profoundly pleasurable influence over Meredith’s actions and choices she makes in just what sort of impression she intends to make on the men of the house while her future sister-in-law is away?

Everyone can feel the warmth of the season, but not everyone feels that warmth so extreme as Meredith does, much to the eventual enjoyment of Greg and Reed.


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