The elves are being naughty at Krismas again

The Naughty Elves and Naughty Nutrition by Kris P. Kreme

The Naughty Elves and Naughty Nutrition by Kris P. Kreme

Naturally Nutrition with Kayla and Rachel discusses important topics like keeping nutrition a priority through a popular series of blog videos. But the videos they make might get more popular after an unplanned encounter with two little men claiming to be naughty elves.

The naughty elves usually test bad boys and girls by limiting them to only good thoughts and deeds for 24 hours. But already good girls such as Kayla and Rachel will have their innocent eyes opened to how perverse and naughty they could be, every possible kinky depraved action with each other and their own bodies.

Will they take nutrition in a naughty direction forever? The 12 Days of Krismas inspires all new appetites.

During the 12 Days of Krismas, express the resounding joy of the season with a nice healthy moan of Ohhh… Krismas Tree.


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Best friends and roommates Kayla and Rachel have enjoyed making videos for their popular blog on nutrition, and they have a lot of viewers online who tune in to see what they discuss next. But this year as they get ready for a special seasonally decorated edition of Naturally Nutrition with Kayla and Rachel, they may be sparking all new appetites after an unexpected encounter with two odd little men outside their building.

Kayla and Rachel aren’t clueless to the fact that they probably get a lot of male viewers simply because they are cute, and Rachel likes to kid that Kayla has in recent months put probably three additional pounds into her boobs. But they both are ultimately dedicated to promoting better nutrition and healthy veggies in their regular blog videos.

The young women have always had a passion for doing the right thing, overall good girls who make good choices, including what they put in their bodies. However these good girls might just face a naughty nightmare after they spot some strange little men climbing down the fire escape outside the windows in their apartment where they are setting up to shoot their special Christmas edition of Naturally Nutrition.

Once seen, the little men tap on the window to get their attention. Assuming the little men are dressed so odd, like elves, because they came from a Christmas party upstairs, Kayla and Rachel go to see what they want and that is when the men introduce themselves as naughty elves.

The naughty elves are busy each year testing naughty boys and girls, giving them the gift of being nothing but good for 24 hours and seeing if they can embrace that behavior to earn their way back onto Santa’s good list. Usually only a certain age can still see the naughty elves, but Kayla and Rachel happen to just be on that cusp of adulthood where they soon would no longer see them. Yet since they have… the naughty elves must give them a gift as well.

The gift of course comes in the form of a test, but not one to test if they can be good. Kayla and Rachel are already good. They know what is right, they know what is wrong, but when touched by the naughty elves just so, these nutritionally nice girls will suddenly have their eyes opened to every naughty option at their disposal, every impulse they could enjoy, every bad behavior and downright depraved thing two sexy girls like them could be doing.

As the naughty elves go on their way, climbing down the fire escape to as they put it hopefully avoid unwanted encounters with anyone else in the building, Kayla and Rachel are left ready for their blog video and uncomfortably ready for a whole lot of things they never imagined before.

Will these good girls focus on nutrition in their seasonal blog video, or will they find that nutrition just isn’t naughty enough? Will they take out aggressions and frustrations on each other in kinky ways with the very veggies they planned on featuring in their video? And just what might their viewers think, to say nothing of the man who recently moved into the apartment nearby?

Even with the temptation of holiday treats, nutrition remains important, but nothing beats a little naughty nutrition, courtesy of the naughty elves around the 12 days of Krismas.


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