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All I Want: A Wife into RollPlaying by Kris P. Kreme

All I Want: A Wife into RollPlaying by Kris P. Kreme

Fred always serves as dungeon master for weekly roll-playing games with his buddies. He may soon be master of nothing, not even his wife, after a poorly spoken wish for Alexandra to be into roll-playing and accept her fate at the roll of a D20 gaming die.

As the beautiful Alexandra wakes up to let her husband’s D20 choose everything, from what she wears to whether she becomes a cheating slut on him, will Fred ultimately regret what happens to her… or roll with the punches and embrace what his kinky marriage has become?

The 12 Days of Krismas returns once more to the Santa Star where All I want has a husband wishing his faithful wife into a woman who games with many men.


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Fred is a man who doesn’t know just how good he has it, and a poorly made wish on the Santa Star may just help his wife demonstrate how good he had it.

With a group of nerdy friends, Fred enjoys nothing more than being the dungeon master at their weekly roll-play gaming sessions. For him roll-playing, using his favorite D20 gaming die, is the highlight of his week, but he has always wished his wife actually appreciated roll-playing too, maybe even joined in their games.

Unfortunately Alexandra has no idea what her husband and his friends get up to, rolling her eyes and thinking it mostly silly for grown men their age. Fred doesn’t see things the way his buddies do, always telling him how lucky he is to have a seriously hot wife like Alexandra. He just wishes she were into the game and didn’t mistake the term D20 for a size of bra.

When after his latest roll-playing session, the guys are leaving and spot the yearly Santa Star comet lighting up the night sky, they ask if Fred ever thought about making a wish on it. But as imaginative as Fred is, he never heard the crazy stories people have apparently made up involving wishes granted by the Santa Star. But Fred has always been a purely logical guy, even if he does spend time coming up with roll-play battle scenarios and other nerd fantasies.

After one last time of asking if his wife would consider sitting in sometime, just to try roll-playing out, Fred realizes it isn’t going to happen. She’s always been way out of his league, but pushing his luck pestering her to join a gaming session with the guys just would make things worse. And when she idly suggests he make a wish for their neighbor to be a better neighbor on the Santa Star, Fred has made up his mind.

Feeling a bit ridiculous he makes a wish that night, but not wasting that wish on his neighbor. No, Fred wishes his wife Alexandra was into roll-playing, that she let a D20 decide her fate and played with others as much if not more than his gaming buddies. He just wished she had the same thrill and enjoyment from it he did.

Unfortunately for Fred, and quite possibly fortunate for every other man around, as Fred rushes off to an emergency work situation with his boss the next morning, Alexandra wakes feeling incredibly good. In fact she feels better than she has in some time, rested and ready to face the day, appreciating her sexy body as she finds Fred’s favorite D20 on his dresser.

Instinctively knowing just what the little plastic prism with white numbers on every triangular side is, Alexandra stands there in just her panties and decides to roll for clothing. Getting a two, she happily accepts without question that she can only wear two articles of clothing, finding a little black cocktail dress to slip on, certainly not hiding her figure.

But just how much a slave to a D20 has Alexandra somehow become? When she rolls to choose her fate for the day, obedient little housewife, or cheating little slut… will Fred soon be regretting the wish he made as his wife heads over to the annoying neighbor to play some rolls of her own? And what about Fred’s boss… Fred’s nerdy gaming buddies… is anyone going to be left out of playing kinky games with Alexandra?

Fred had everything, including a beyond gorgeous busty wife… but this Krismas, everyone else might have that wife too, thanks to a special little D20 and a poorly made wish.


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