Krismas is the time for naughtiness

Naughty Elves: The WHOREdrobe Girl by Kris P. Kreme

Naughty Elves: The WHOREdrobe Girl by Kris P. Kreme

Zoey is a sweet girl working as wardrobe girl for a church charity Christmas play this year. They are raising money for a very important cause and that has Zoey happy.

In fact the only problem is dealing with Manny and Tyler, two delinquents only working on the play for community service. But those two may not be the real threat as Zoey comes across two little men she assumes are just playing elves.

It turns out, they are Naughty Elves, and one has a particular interest in testing Zoey, putting impure decadent depraved thoughts in her pretty little head.

Will she resist acting on them, or will Zoey be earning more money than the charity play does?


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Zoey is the sweetest girl with a genuinely giving spirit, but after meeting the Naughty Elves this year, she may be charging for things she never imagined in her sweet virgin mind.

Every year Zoey’s church puts on a charity Christmas play, and every year she always volunteers her time. She loves the season of giving, how people find ways of helping one another, how even the cold can’t chill the warmth in so many people’s hearts… but has Zoey’s happy attitude about life come to its naughty conclusion?

For this year’s play, Zoey likes the fact the church chose a more contemporary performance, since she gets to be the wardrobe girl, handling donated clothes and costumes. And while many of the donations won’t be used for the actual people playing the roles, she’s just happy to be doing her part for something that will raise money for children’s cancer, a very important cause.

She gets along with nearly everyone too, from Reggie the production manager, who worked a regular job for years now as the church maintenance man, to Curtis or Mr. Curtis as she calls him, a fittingly portly older church member who is playing Santa for the first time in a number of years. However, Tyler and Manny are two guys she really feels frustrated by, and they also happen to be the only two who didn’t volunteer, having been assigned community service working construction on sets and running other delivery errands for the church.

Tyler and Manny, though mostly it’s Manny who bothers her. He’s older, having supposedly failed three grades and been held back, and he’s always making crude comments, suggestions, and otherwise amusing Tyler, his wannabe friend who generally follows the lead of every troubling source of amusement Manny gets into. Zoey is especially annoyed when Manny has the nerve to suggest that Mr. Curtis used to get aroused whenever she sat on his lap when he played Santa years ago.

Still, as much as the two of them frustrate and anger the virginal good girl who wants so much to see the best in everyone, Zoey may just be about to meet two others that forever change her outlook on life.

While working in the maze of donated clothing and costume racks behind the stage, Zoey hears something, and after sneaking up, she finds two fully costumed little men, clearly elves for the play… she assumes.

When these two little men inform her that they are Naughty Elves sent out into the world to test naughty children with pure decent charitable thoughts, Zoey isn’t sure what to think. But her thinking may just get more complicated than she ever wanted as the Naughty Elves take her wrists and bestow upon her a different kind of test… putting every naughty thought or indecent desire at the very forefront of Zoey’s mind.

All Zoey has to do is resist temptation to act on the naughty thoughts in her mind until midnight… just hours away, but as good as Zoey was, will her restraint be too little too late to resist embracing her naughty side with Manny, Tyler, and everyone else?

Will she be able to control her own words, her own impulses, and even the temptation to put on a slinky sexy red dress they got among the donations… one Manny suggested she wear? And even worse… will Zoey find herself doing everything for money? After all the church play has a very important cause and every dollar raised counts this year.

This Krismas, the Coverswap Shorty takes the cover from SINtendo Taterhead and gives that cover a whole new spin, read them both and see which one did it better!


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