It’s almost time for the 12 Days of Krismas 2022

Krismas is just around the corner and that corner comes with plenty of Kremey curves this year. Among the gifts wrapped and ready to open are a brand new SINtendo tale where one wife gets a steal of a deal for her husband, one that might steal away more than her mind. There are new All I Want wishes to be made on the yearly Santa Star comet, one that will take readers to a corrupting Christmas in the country with a city girl, and one wish a husband may regret making as his wife plays her own kind of games with others.
12 Days of Krismas 2022 Promo Ad

12 Days of Krismas 2022 Promo Ad

Look for brand new Trance-tory tales where the tables may be turned on one mean-spirited Trance-tory representative and in another tale some candy canes bring about unquenchable cravings. A wrong number during the right season leads to a truly twisted new Konversation for one woman, and a holiday bride gets a wedding day gift she never expected with big consequences in a brand new Booby Trapped.
The return of Brain Drain tells the transformational tale of what happens when one guy desperately wants a refund for purchasing last minute gifts for his girlfriend at too high a cost for his own body. And the Naughty Elves return in a brand new Coverswap Shorty to test a sweet church girl working wardrobe on a charity Christmas play.
In the very first Coverswap Kustom, see the return of holistic healing hypnotist Dr. Deep and in the most surprising twist of the season, meet a brand new Kreme character named Mary who wanders a mall looking for her friend… who may just be someone we all know… giving out little cards that create some real Christmas craziness.