It’s a really odd flight

Let's Fly the Friendly Skies by Kris P. Kreme

Let’s Fly the Friendly Skies by Kris P. Kreme

When their friends Pete and Jessica surprised engaged couple Heath and Beverly with a flight on a private jet to tour the coastline before landing at a mystery destination, none of them imagined how traveling may change them.

Jay’s uncle Frank first proved the power of what he calls the Fun Time Fuckuator at his casino resort, before Jay took that same technology and put it to use loosening up marriages and more at his beach resort. Now it’s time to take to the skies with FTF Air, guaranteed to make the skies more than just friendly.

But is this maiden flight going to demonstrate just how powerful the Fun Time Fuckuator can be at high altitudes in a pressurized environment?


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Let’s Fly The Friendly Skies

Pete and Heath have been lifelong buddies, and when Pete found the love of his life Jessica and married her, Heath for a short time thought he’d never find the same, but now that he is engaged and soon to be married to the gorgeous brainy blonde Beverly, he couldn’t be more thrilled about life being perfect. But when Pete and Jessica surprise Heath and Beverly with a chartered plane to a surprise destination, none of them could ever imagine just how surprising their final destination will be.

At Fly the Friendly charter services, known simply as FTF Air, a surfer looking dude named Jay awaits as the air host with the most, the man with the plan, the friendly guy to take to the sky, but is he hiding something sinister behind that smile of his, and does he have more in mind than an aerial tour of the coastline before reaching their surprise destination?

Pete and Jessica simply chartered the small but lavish plane to end up at a beachside resort, but little could they know that Jay owns that resort and it happens to be a place where all new extremes are possible thanks to Jay’s uncle Frank and his Fun Time Fuckuator, a technological marvel of an invention that can control and manipulate minds and bodies. And at FTF Air, it has been wired into the lighting and sound system of this luxury jet.

Jay’s particular resort caters to fans of open marriages and even more open minds, cheating with anyone and everyone available, and as the aerial tour in the sky gets started, those skies are about to become a whole lot friendlier whether the four friends know it or not.

FTF Air features a heavily modified private jet with luxurious features like a full canopy ultra-high-definition video ceiling showing the sky above the plane as passengers have never seen it before. But has this video technology, along with the lighting and sound system been modified perhaps more than even Jay expects, opening much more than their passengers’ minds?

Upon taking off, Pete is the first to fall fully in line with Jay’s ideal husband, a guy who doesn’t care if his wife is openly leered at. But Jessica doesn’t like the weird way her husband is seeming a lot more perverse than usual. As a professional attorney, Jessica has rarely dealt with someone she can’t handle, but handling the soon obscene fantasies her own husband is presenting, of her and the other men on board, even the pilot, has her convinced something is wrong.

Meanwhile the happily engaged couple Heath and Beverly are too distracted by looking out the windows as the private jet climbs to notice anything odd about their friends. They also aren’t noticing too much about how each of them is feeling more and more aroused, even if Heath is oddly aroused by the thought of using and sharing his brainy blonde fiancée as little more than a doll.

Will Jessica resist and figure this out, or will she quite thoroughly thank the pilot for a smooth flight? And will Beverly get more than her dreams of a happy marriage blown right up? Only one thing is certain, everyone has a fun time when they take to the skies, so Let’s Fly The Friendly Skies.


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