It’s good to be Neighborly

Mighty Neighborly by Kris P. Kreme

Mighty Neighborly by Kris P. Kreme

Ken wanted nothing more than to avoid the new neighbor, at least until his always virtuous and well-mannered daughter Katelyn convinced him he should give the guy a chance.

After her father seems to fall instantly into a bromance with Hank where the country guy seems capable of borrowing any tool he wants without question, it is Katelyn left suspecting Hank of being worse than he behaves.

But can she point out the flaws in Hank before Hank borrows the one thing she definitely does not want her daddy loaning out… her?

The latest Coverswap Shorty presents the dangers of being Mighty Neighborly.


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Ken just doesn’t get a good feeling from the man that moved in next door in the latest Coverswap Shorty, a brand new tale based on an original Kreme Kover. But it might not matter what Ken thinks after he falls under the unusual charm of his new neighbor Hank and starts loaning him things.

Ken has always taken great pride in his home, a private wooded home in a neighborhood where the houses have enough lush trees between them that everyone feels nice and spread out. But something has been bothering him about the man that moved into the closest house to him, a man named Hank who seems just a little bit off somehow.

Of course Ken has been a single father for many years so when a week or so after Hank moves in, his nineteen year old daughter Katelyn returns home from school, she proves to be the predictable voice of reason, encouraging Ken not to judge someone he hasn’t even met yet.

And when they head down the long winding driveway to where Ken and Hank’s driveways meet, with the purpose of saying hello to their new neighbor, a rather instant budding bromance seems to happen. Even Katelyn is surprised by how quickly after shaking hands her dad seems to give up any suspicions he has about their new neighbor.

Unfortunately for her, that is when her suspicions start.

Hank is seemingly a country guy with in ways typical country charm, but the way he so quickly talks his way into borrowing her dad’s hedge clippers has Katelyn concerned. When the following day he still hasn’t returned them and somehow talks his way into borrowing Ken’s very expensive zero-turn riding mower, Katelyn knows there has to be more to this than a bromance.

Her father has always been meticulous at caring for and keeping track of his things, but two days of knowing Hank and two of those things are already handed over to be used as Hank wishes. And more than any of that, every time she is with her dad at the mailbox and they see Hank, Hank spends half his time leering at her, looking at her curves, at her chest, and not in ways that seem accidental or casual.

But when Katelyn confronts her dad any of the times he seems to so easily loan out things he never would, he just reminds her that it was her idea it be neighborly. And of course Hank seems to appreciate as he so frequently speaks up, how mighty neighborly they have been to him.

But what will happen when Hank asks to borrow something he should never be able to borrow… Ken’s daughter Katelyn?

Sometimes a neighbor charms their way into borrowing all your stuff, but is there a limit to being Mighty Neighborly?


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