It’s the first book of Krismas 2022

Give Deep by Kris P. Kreme

Give Deep by Kris P. Kreme

When Melody’s husband is out of town until after the end of the year, he gets her and his son a gift neither wanted… a session with holistic hypnotherapist Doctor Richard Deep.

But will a tiny mistake with the festively themed technology involved in their hypnosis session bring new meaning to the words Give Deep?

Rarely getting along, and mostly because Tom doesn’t help around the house, Melody soon finds every helpful task Tom does do turning her on. And when Tom finds himself unable to refuse a single request, each task giving him an even bigger erection, something will have to give.

Will her husband’s gift have Melody and Tom getting along in ways never intended?


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The 12 Days of Krismas 2022 begins with a brand new style of Kreme Kustom. Have you ever seen a cover and thought to yourself there are so many more stories that cover could tell? Well now there’s the chance with Coverswap Kustoms, a Kustom Kommission created specifically for the past favorite cover of your choice. And for this Coverswap Kustom, we revisit a favorite holiday cover of the past with an all new twisted tale that finds Melody and her husband’s son Tom visiting the humorously named Doctor Richard Deep.

Melody and Tom never really wanted to be sitting there in the waiting room of the nicely furnished modern office. It certainly wasn’t Melody’s go-to solution for the frustrations she generally always has when her husband’s son is home from college. But since her husband happens to be away on business a lot with the economy in recovery, and since he won’t be able to actually get back until after the first of the year, he thought it would help them both have the best Christmas they can have resolving their differences with an apparently highly praised holistic hypnotherapist named Doctor Deep.

As hilarious as college guy Tom finds the name, Doctor Deep has always had a particular success in his practice that both of his latest patients may soon come to discover, or more fittingly cum to discover. That’s because after a previous session runs long, Doctor Deep jumps right into a quick session with the promise of a free later one if the fast-paced one doesn’t serve to resolve their frustrations. But when a piece of festively themed technology aimed to put them under a very specifically relaxed hypnosis turns out to be still set for his regular patients seeking fertility help, Melody and Tom may take getting along to all new extremes.

The little mistletoe cluster with blinking lights was meant to be simply relaxing them, helping Tom to understand the importance of helping around the house when home from college, to accept that he must give deep of himself just as Melody should reward deep for what he gives, a mutual respect about living under the same roof, even if just temporary over the holidays.

Instead, what will happen when in the days after the session with Doctor Deep, Tom finds himself doing every task Melody asks nearly without hesitation, but finds that doing those tasks is giving him an erection? What will happen when he finds that erection getting only thicker and more painfully hard but never finds relief, partially thanks to the enjoyment Melody is getting finally seeing him pull his own weight around the house?

When Melody finds the enjoyment quickly turning to a sense of pleasure at seeing Tom do things around the house, will the balance of power be truly corrupted, especially for a horny college kid with a seriously hard problem he needs to get a hold of?

Doctor Deep told them both that in the spirit of the season, they needed to Give Deep, and this Christmas both Melody and Tom may find new meanings to that hypnotic instruction, meanings that forever change their lives and ones Melody’s husband may regret whenever he returns from his business trip. His work may mean the economy is finally getting stimulated again, but so are Melody and Tom, thanks to the always helpful Doctor Deep.


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