There’s more than one Nick at Krismas

Jolly Bold St. Nick by Kris P. Kreme

Jolly Bold St. Nick by Kris P. Kreme

Nick became quite bold a year ago, after eating some cookies laced with a Trance-tory fertility drug. He suddenly found that his cute Santa helper assistant would do whatever he suggested.

This year, his boldness will lead to an all new jolly joy in his steps as young new assistant Hayden tastes the cookies tainted with a more powerful Trance-tory treatment.

Suddenly irresistible to all men, Hayden is quickly feeling the obsession to not just become pregnant, but literally look it immediately.

Krismas was never quite as white as it is for Hayden, and who could possibly enjoy a ho ho ho like her but Jolly Bold St. Nick?


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Nick was always an easygoing guy, but never did life get so easy as it did last Christmas. Always the mall Santa because of his premature graying in his forties, Nick took it all in stride, but for whatever reason, a mystery still to this day for him, he discovered that his lovely assistant Jennifer would quite literally do whatever he asked of her, no questions or hesitation.

Naturally, a man, and Jennifer such a tempting sight in her rather skimpy Santa helper outfit, Nick soon gave in and his final memories of the yearly mall Santa gig were quite eagerly fucking Jennifer with little care for how much of his seed he spilled inside her.

It was quite bold of him, more bold than he ever had been, but sadly the effect seemed to wear off over the months after Christmas. No longer could he demand a nubile girl just bend over and get baby battered up… something he also found quite boldly satisfying, knocking a girl up.

What Nick never knew was that the cookies provided by a mall employee were actually tainted with a test batch of Trance-tory Fertility Treatments, and his manipulation with the focus of successfully seeding nearby fertile females like Jennifer was all a test.

And what he never could be bold enough to suspect is that he’s in for yet another test this Christmas when he again dons the Santa hat and jolly red suit.

Hayden is his new lovely assistant, a girl who only took the job to get back at her boyfriend for ogling other girls. Hayden figured if she took the one job where she’d be sure to get eagerly ogled by single fathers, or any man with a pulse, it would send a message her boyfriend won’t soon forget.

This year the lovely Santa helper assistant gets a taste of the tainted cookies before Nick ever does, and her boyfriend definitely won’t forget what happens as Hayden suddenly is irresistible to every man’s leering eyes, and the scent she gives off is literally altering their abilities to quite fully breed with her.

Nick may not be laughing, but Hayden’s belly surely will soon be jiggling like a bowl full of… well not jelly. And another Trance-tory testing will be quite successfully observed.

Krismas is all about giving… and Hayden is gonna be given quite a lot.


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