Santa always knows…

Dear Santa by Kris P. Kreme

Dear Santa by Kris P. Kreme

Alison Bradford is a logical married woman, but she never told anyone about the fetish she had for Santa. Now a website she discovered offers the ultimate release for her obsessions.

She can write a letter, as kinky and twisted as she wants, to Santa. Shortly after, an advanced AI will custom reply with a letter back, and Alison is more than just turned on imagining what that letter back will say.

What she could never imagine is that somehow that letter may do a lot more than just play along with her fantasies… it may actually make those fantasies real, no matter how depraved they were.

Can Alison survive what her imaginative fetish created?


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Alison Bradford isn’t a child, hasn’t been for many years, but this year, and particularly over the weekend recently she has felt more giddiness and excitement than she has since she was a child.

It’s all thanks to the amazing site she discovered online on Friday, a website that might finally allow for a bit of release to an obsession she thought she’d left long in the past. It’s nothing impossible to believe or entirely uncommon… Alison has always had a bit of a hormonal fascination towards Santa Claus.

For whatever reason, the normally responsible accountant is just deeply turned on by Santa, and it’s probably his magical impossible nature that always made her fantasize such dirty depraved things when it came to Santa Claus.

But finally this website offers an outlet for every sexually charged idea she ever even briefly had when entertaining her indulgent fantasies about the bearded jolly white haired man.

Quite simply it’s a site called Dear Santa, that allows anyone the opportunity to pen a letter to Santa Claus. Through a unique AI that Alison doesn’t much need to hear the details about, once a letter is written, a very short matter of minutes or hours later, they will get a letter back, custom written by the AI to seem as if the big guy himself actually responded to whatever they said in their letter.

Alison imagines it’s all charming and innocent, intended of course for little kids, something they can print out and keep as a fond Christmas memory. Yet all Alison has been able to think of is all the dirty uncensored and possibly disgusting fantasies she will write in that letter to Santa, all with the hopes of putting that AI to the ultimate test, seeing just how well it can truly turn her on with the response letter.

So on Monday, when her husband Sam finally heads off to his important job in the city, the smart and reasonable Alison Bradford sits down at her laptop and grins, ready to write her letter.

She’s so turned on just writing the letter her nipples are hard, so impossibly aroused at the very prospect of being able to finally say free from any judgment what she always imagined. Only some artificial intelligence will read or acknowledge what she says, but Alison can pretend it was actually sent back by Santa, and so she writes easily the most disturbing words of her life, each request of Santa more wrong and freakish than the last.

Whether she is begging Santa to just fuck her or begging him to whore her out to his reindeer, Alison is surprising even herself at how extreme her Santa fetish will take her in this Dear Santa letter. From bodily abuses to literally milking her tits to go with the cookie she eagerly is offering him, Alison finally frees all the pent up sexual intensity she held inside so long for Santa Claus.

And sure enough, just as promised, shortly after she is receiving a response letter, one that definitely impresses with the ability to play right along, to spin her perverse words and desires back with promises she will get variations of exactly what she asked for.

Yet how is it that the AI response knows things Alison never mentioned, personal things like her husband’s name? And just how real could a fictional response letter from Santa really be?

It’s Krismas, and the Krismas miracle Alison Bradford may be experiencing most is that she even survives all the perverse depraved insanity she eagerly asked for in her letter beginning with those two magical words… Dear Santa.


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