At Krismas use Orna-MENTAL

Days Later... Orna-MENTAL by Kris P. Kreme

Days Later… Orna-MENTAL by Kris P. Kreme

Home for the holidays, Cora is a psychology student getting her first real world lesson in what is and isn’t real.

Bumping into an old classmate at a thrift shop, Cora is told that cursed items were donated from an asylum near where she grew up. She’s told that merely a sniff of these cursed items can drive someone crazy.

However she isn’t concerned until a stock boy remembers seeing an old friend of Cora’s, Katie, as one of the three who bought ornaments from that asylum.

Curses aren’t real though, and Cora just has to remind herself that she’s a real person, a logical person… or could the curses be real, and Cora end up being merely a doll?


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Cora likes being back home for the holidays, college always enjoyable but something nice about returning back to the town where she grew up and hopefully seeing all her old high school friends. But little could she ever know that the friend she most looks forward to seeing, Katie, has spent a number of days now in quite a mental state, thanks to some cursed ornaments she and her mother decorated her tree with.

It strangely enough all started at the exact thrift shop where Cora finds herself shopping last minute, looking for something small and decent for a gift to give Katie. And it’s at that thrift shop, Cora spots another old classmate Stacy quite methodically picking through what little remains of the Christmas ornaments and decorations.

Stacy is beyond frazzled, a flurry of frustration and activity, and as she’s been studying psychology to become a counselor and help people, Cora can’t resist stepping in to see what’s wrong.

The story Stacy tells is as crazy as the inmates she says used to fill the asylum near where she lived growing up. As Stacy tells it, the place was cursed, even the laundry truck drivers who used to pass her place leaving the asylum getting a whiff of a cursed odor which had them soon resident to the place they merely started out working.

Explaining why she’s frantically and yet carefully sifting through the picked through Christmas items, Stacy explains further that she only just recently learned that the old asylum was cleared out, everything not destroyed donated to places just like this thrift shop.

When a geeky stock boy overhears the conversation, the story Cora hears only gets stranger as he explains that yes they had some brand new unused ornaments from the place… and that they were purchased by a man, a woman, and a girl who looked remarkably like the description Cora gives of Katie.

Leaving the store, Cora is concerned, mostly because Stacy got under her skin with the creepy cursed story, and because the last text she got from Katie, who usually responds to everything quickly, happened to be the exact amount of days ago that the boy said those ornaments were sold.

Just what is awaiting Cora at Katie’s house when she takes a drive over? Will Cora hold tight to her firm beliefs that curses are not real and she is… or will she discover that soon enough she just might be merely an empty doll, thanks to the very curse she thought couldn’t possibly be real?

It’s Krismas… and it’s also just Days Later… for a sharp young coed about to get irrevocably dulled and truly turned into yet another dolly under the tree this year.


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