There’s something about that clock

Trance-tory Time: The Cock Clock by Kris P. Kreme

Trance-tory Time: The Cock Clock by Kris P. Kreme

At first glance Andy might be the envy of most boyfriends out there, his girlfriend Kaya a hot busty Asian. Yet appearances can be deceiving as Kaya is a virginal good girl who even insists on separate bedrooms living together with him.

But more than just appearances will be deceiving when Andy blurts out that he’d like a new alarm clock for Christmas, something called The Cock Clock from a site called Trance-tory Time.

Little does Kaya know that by purchasing this seemingly practical gift for her boyfriend, she may be practically sealing her own fate to become every freakish perversion he has ever fantasized about.


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A lot of guys would have said Andy won the girlfriend lottery… but of course those guys would have never met his hot Asian girlfriend, Kaya.

As with most mornings, an early December morning finds Andy staring off into space, struggling not to lose his nightly dreams too quickly, because it’s in those dreams that Andy has the girlfriend he always wanted. Or more precisely, it’s in those dreams that Kaya is how he would much rather her be.

He’s definitely unafraid to say that Kaya is nothing like he thought dating and living with her would be. For one thing, he’d assumed moving in together meant they’d actually share a bed… but Kaya quickly squashed that idea insisting they have separate bedrooms, a wall between them, meaning the nightly fantasies are about all Andy can count on.

But as unafraid to admit his own misconceptions about Kaya, as Andy is, he’s extremely afraid to just end it with her, because how many guys have an impressively hot young Asian with a downright impossibly slim figure but very large breasts? It’s probably the main reason he dated and has stuck with her and in their time together his fantasies have admittedly only become more extreme.

Everything from using Kaya’s hot body as his own little cum depository to inflating her already nice tits and abusing them like freakish balloons, Andy’s dreams have seen it all.. and never did he imagine anything in those dreams could somehow come true. At least never, until the morning he was still have dazing and staring into space as Kaya insisted she wanted to know something practical he wanted for Christmas.

Normally Andy would just get himself in more trouble by suggesting something sexual she could give him, the least such a comment earned in response being a slap. But for whatever reason Andy blurts out that he’d like a new alarm clock… even mentioning the quite believable excuse that it’s why he always drags getting out of bed in the mornings.

Kaya can totally buy it, since Andy rarely seems that awake before noon, even if she has no idea he’s only dragging because he’d rather relive the freakish kinky fantasies he had about her the night before.

Still, as she says it, a clock is a perfectly practical reasonable gift. And when she asks if he had any particular clock in mind, that’s when Christmas this year may just get more magical than she’ll ever be able to handle.

Andy suggests she get a clock from a website, a place called Trance-tory Time. They sell clocks, he points out, and he’d really like one they have called The Cock Clock.

When Kaya raises an eyebrow at the name, figuring it to be a crude joke, Andy even has the presence of mind to make up that it’s called that because of roosters… waking a man up in the morning. And when Kaya buys that… and even better agrees to actually buy him The Cock Clock, Andy is more thrilled than at any time during his strained relationship.

The Cock Clock is a product he knows even her ordering will not spoil the fun. She’ll have to fill in his name as the gift recipient, along with her information. That alone according to what he read from Trance-tory, will bond her and the clock.

Once wound, the old fashioned little Cock Clock will go off every hour on the hour for seven hours. With each ring of the alarm clock, at least according to the quite explicit testimonials he read online, Kaya will in some way change to better fit his fantasies.

Having read about guys who loved redheads coming home to find their brunette wives altered into slutty redheads, having read about men who had a fetish for schoolgirls watching their wives transform into schoolgirl variations of themselves, Andy knows it’s nothing short of amazing what the Cock Clock claims to do.

Only one question remains… what actually will happen when Kaya tests the little alarm clock to make sure it works before wrapping it? And with a boyfriend who excels in downright freakish fetish fantasies.. what will happen to her?

Let this be a friendly Krismas reminder… always get a gift that fits that special someone, unless of course you get a gift that will reshape that special someone to fit you.


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