When you wish upon a Krismas star… be careful.

All I Want: More Control by Kris P. Kreme

All I Want: More Control by Kris P. Kreme

Living and working in the small town of Christmas Lake can be hectic with tourists around the holidays, but thanks to the Santa Star in the sky, a comet named because it revisits the earth around Christmas each year, it’s only more hectic than ever for young coed Hester.

Fending off unwanted advances, working at the town bakery, dealing with nuisance visiting family, Hester is stressing over the lack of basic control she has in her life.

But when she wishes for more control staring at the Santa Star one evening, she’ll find out that not only does wishing on this comet work, but the granted wishes are never quite what you intended.

Krismas was never quite as white as it is for Hayden, and who could possibly enjoy a ho ho ho like her but Jolly Bold St. Nick?


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Ever since the Santa Star came along, a comet that for the foreseeable future will revisit the earth and be visible in the night sky over one half of the planet for 25 days in December, the season has been a bit more chaotic than usual.

However all the addition of the Santa Star has done for a small town like Christmas Lake is further boost the most crowded chaotic time of the year. Hester is a local girl, working two jobs while living at home just to put herself through college at the local small university. She’s able to handle herself well, but what she isn’t able to handle is the stress of the season.

Small town should never mean busy, but busy is the word for Christmas Lake, where tourists have always flocked around this time of year, even more so with the Santa Star lighting the night sky overhead. Between earning her degree, dealing with painfully annoying distant relatives staying in her too crowded home, working at the downtown bakery, and fighting off the perverted advances of a childhood classmate turned adult creep, Hester is nearing the end of her patience.

It’s after a particularly horrible day of fighting the tourist crowds, avoiding Desmond, the guy who thinks he’s the alpha dog and would like nothing more than for her to be his bitch, and fending off the perverted snooping of her non-cousin house guest Todd, that Hester finds herself staring up into the night sky from her window, making a wish without barely even being aware she speaks it out loud.

All Hester wants… is more control.

Yet she’s about to find out that not only is there truth to the rumors that wishing on the Santa Star works, but that the Santa Star granting wishes doesn’t exactly work in the way one intended.

It all begins when perverted non-cousin Todd walks in on her getting dressed for work the next morning, when Todd simply laughs off her demands of him leaving the room, when he acts as though it’s perfectly normal she do everything and anything he says.

After a humiliation she won’t soon forget, the impact of her wish gets a bit more obvious when at the bakery her boss makes an outlandish suggestion of how they could boost their sales during the day… a suggestion using Hester as little more than an extra item for sale.

But when Desmond stops in and makes his own usual demands of arrogant macho claims, Hester might finally realize that all she wanted was more control… she just never specified who that control would belong to, and it might just belong to everyone besides her.

Krismas takes readers to a warped reality of wishes gone wrong, and reminds you that just when the holidays seem most chaotic.. they can always be worse.


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