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SINtendo Naughty Niece by Kris P. Kreme

SINtendo Naughty Niece by Kris P. Kreme

SINtendo has been in Kevin’s life since his uncle gave him the corrupting game system as a child. Now he’s learned that his wife Amber’s older brother is bringing his daughter to stay with them for a week.

When his new niece he never knew about turns out to be the hottest redhead around, it’s time to break out a brand new SINtendo game. This time it’s a handheld device the hot young niece, Anna, can play with.

Asking her twenty questions, giving her a choice of A or B, SINtendo Are you Naughty or Nice? promises to answer that very question. But is there any question just which poor Anna is going to be after the last question is asked?


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It was when Kevin was only a teenager himself that SINtendo entered his life. Sent a gift by a distant uncle, Kevin entered the world of an all new kind of gaming, one where the real world was the background to epic games that made pawns of anyone and everyone. Now years later, Kevin is an uncle himself, about to meet his wife’s brother’s daughter for the first time, and what could be more fitting than a special holiday gift like the one he once received?

To say that naughtiness abounds in Kevin’s home is an understatement. He’s played and been played by SINtendo more than a few times. His lovely wife Amber was even made quite the stupid bimbo for a decent chunk of their marriage, her sister willingly turning herself into a dominant slut by playing the games.

Yet until now, one relative has remained clueless about all things SINtendo, and that’s Amber’s big brother Alan. The guy is a shaggy red haired goofball that hardly ever has even visited, but for whatever reason is planning to spend a week with them for the holidays this year.

With Amber back as smart as she is beautiful, there’s little hope for Kevin to have any sort of fun, at least none of what he’d really like to be enjoying. That is, there is no hope until Amber spills that it’s not just Alan coming to visit… he’ll be bringing his daughter Anna.

Amber long has accepted that anyone Kevin wants, he gets through SINtendo, especially since Anna just turned eighteen a few months ago. But Amber has been hoping that this Anna might turn out not to be even remotely attractive; after all her father is a fairly overweight goofball.

Unfortunately for her, and quite fortunate for Kevin, Anna is about as gorgeous a redhead as he has ever seen, flawless skin, beautiful young smile, and the most amazing legs ever. She’s literally ripe for the plucking, and shortly after arriving, Kevin has his scheme in place.

With Amber taking her brother off to a local Museum of Cheese, something only a goofball like Alan could enjoy, Uncle Kevin will spend quality time with his new niece, or more specifically he’ll introduce her to the wonderful world of SINtendo.

As he goes to work in the garage, Kevin pulls a special new little gizmo from his closet of all things SINtendo, a handheld little game that is somewhat interactive and voice activated. It’s a little device called SINtendo Are you Naughty or Nice?

As he explains, the game will ask Anna twenty questions, giving her a choice of answering A or B for those totally random but never repeated questions. At the end of the twenty questions, the game will tabulate her results and inform her if she’s Naughty… or if she’s Nice.

But little does Anna know that when it comes to SINtendo, it’s always nice to be naughty, and no matter how much logic she applies to always trying to pick the nicer of the two choices in her responses, there may be no fighting the fact that this little handheld game is going to be playing her more than she plays it.

Will Anna become the naughtiest niece ever? Will Kevin find something quite fun to work on in the garage? Will Amber witness another family member corrupted by a SINtendo game? And will Alan enjoy the Museum of Cheese?

All of these questions and more will be answered as only the magic of Krismas can answer them in the newest naughtiest gaming tale in town, SINtendo Naughty Niece.


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